My six year old daughter has been using this online learning program for over a year now and I can say it has helped her alot.  I didn't start early with her since we had just found out about it but it definitely help get her prepared for Kindergarden.  Now that she's in school, she doesn't have that much time to play with it anymore, but it is still a place where she goes to learn and have fun.

Online and On the Go.
One feature I really like is how you can use it with your iPad now.  This great added on feature is a definite plus since my kids love learning and playing on their iPads, this became a wonderful addition.  Now that my 2 year old is a pro with the iPad and almost every electronic, she is getting to learn and play with it more than her big sister.

Great Learning and Fun.
While my daughters started later in years, I did not keep up with how much it actually helped her other than it taught her how to use the computer and mouse for the first time.  We always tend to assume they are too young to need to know these things, but they catch up quick.  Her little hand wasn't even big enough to reach about the mouse and sometimes she had to use both hands to move it.  Even then, she got the hang of it and now in Kindergarden she gets in the computer and turns it on, closes, minimizes programs like it's nothing.

With the awesomeness that the iPad is, kids have so many varieties to play with with all the many apps out there. One thing I like about their ABCMouse App is that is constantly updates and the progress is also available online. 

I would recommend it for Prekindergarten children 2-5 where I have seen the most progress.   I can honestly say though, there are many other apps that are a bit more repetitive but may more helpful in teaching children how to read or write.  I may not pay another year but for what it was worth, my daughter definitely has used it a lot.  

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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