Frithos Road Trip: Tombstone, Arizona

Our final destination was Tombstone Arizona, the town too tough to die. They are not kidding. If you happen to be a fan or be married to a fan, like me, this is the place to go to. It is just like the movie because the characters still roam the streets and they reenact the OK Corral shooting. Pretty cool stuff. 
They stores are mostly gift shops but at night some turn into actual bars and saloons to go and enjoy your night the way it used to be. The town is open 365 days a year so everything closes at 5, which is kind of a bummer since you never want it to end. 
You can go on a chariot ride through the town and learn about their town history and everything you do you help support their ongoing effort to keep the town alive. This is a really cool place to visit at least once but we already can't wait to again. The people there are very friendly and the walk around the town is something you will never forget. 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas