Keep Moving Forward

Back to school and back to routine but with a twist. Our home business has been taking off and we are so very grateful for it. I worked on our new website and was so happy I saved us $15,000 by doing it myself. Seriously! I contacted a local website building company and got a quote for $15,000 for a wordpress site. I nearly died them came back to life after deciding I would do it myself.

It's these little moments that give me a surge of pride that keep moving me forward. When I have no idea I can do it (because I've never done it before) and then I do. This is how I can prove myself I can keep moving forward.  If there is something I can't do, it's simply because I haven't tried before.  All I have to do is try and try again until I get it.  Even at my age I am learning this is the only way to accomplish this.  It's never too late to learn new things.
I have my family to work hard for and never give up.  Just a random post about not giving up.  Having a family, running a business and finally having some personal time is turning harder and harder to do but never giving up and for one reap the benefits is what keeps me going.  These little moments are what drives me forward.

May God continue to watch over my family and give me the strength and know-how to keep moving forward. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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