Frithos Road Trip: Yellowstone and Bear Tooth Mountains

The one place I always dreamed of going is the Yellowstone National Park and we finally got to go to it. It's a beautiful place that words can't describe. We got to roam with the Buffalo and meet Ol Faithful. Truly miracles of nature. We had a wonderful day filled with so much to see and enjoy. 
Driving outside of Yellowstone you pass a beauful place called Top of the World at Bear Tooth mountains that even at this time it's got so much snow. It's a beautiful place to experience at least once in your lifetime. 
It was amazing to finally get to Montana, where we stayed at a cabin that didn't even have an air conditioning. In August! That was incredibly new to me. Their heaters though, they were bad ass. 

These are magical moments that I will never forget and for sure can't wait to do again. So we finally reached the highest level of our trip, Montana. A place so filled with natural beauty that I could spend all Summer there. Only summer, I can't even imagine what Winter looks like. 

After reaching Montana, it was now time to go south. The heat and the "civilization" willed with the WiFi awaited us. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas