Frithos Road Trip: Pikes Peak

The scariest and most amazing ride of my life! While I have been up a mountain before many years ago, I have never experienced anything as scary like this and being that I am afraid of heights this was quite an accomplishment for me. 
Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet and the road driving up sometimes was so small and steep I just felt we would fall off any time. Again, being I am afraid of heights I felt quite lightheaded at some points and wished I could scream "let's go back!" But didn't. 

I know who was enjoying every bit of it and that was my girls Camila and Sophia. They never stopped smiling and laughing. To them this was the best carnival ride if their lives and me well, I just wanted to cover my eyes and cringe. But didn't. 

I felt so proud fo myself when we finally got to the top. It was the most surreal and addictive thing I've ever done. I never imagined myself as a mountain climber,  (Ahem, fear of height??) but at that moment I realized I had fallen in love. 

To be this close to the sky, to say I've conquered my fears and to say I was there enjoying all of it with the people I love most in this life, this was one heck of an awesome day!!!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas