Frithos Road Trip 2014

We have always wanted to make this trip and thank God we finally got to it. We have been married for 16 years and three girls later and are finally making the family trip we have always wanted. It only took 2 weeks of travel and over 5,000 miles in my new 2014 Highlander (and one dead animal... more on that later) but it was all worth it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!
On our way out of Texas we made our first stop on the one place we neeever expected to find: the second biggest canyon in the US and it's right here in Texas! We didn't even know it existed! It was vast and magnetic. We had so much fun. 

At the point the weather was beginning to get much more pleasant. Hmm imagine that. 

We got to see the Texas Canyon from above and also enjoy it from below. You can either hike the trail down or like we did, drive down. I wasn't prepared for hiking, I was wearing my flipflops. (I'm ashamed at even saying that right now.)

Oh boy, was there A LOT of learning I did during our Nature trip. Hiking shoes, backpacks, water bottles??? More on that later...
Apparently, there's these thing called hiking shoes and I did not own a pair, I did later though. So we mostly drove into and on to mountains. 

But before we got to look up and drive up at mountains, we looked down at the amazing canyon where tribal Indians made their homes and where once they battled to save their way of life. What's a beautiful place. I would later come to find out the West is so filled with our native way of life. I felt like home!

So far, our family trip had an amazingly great start... 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas