Frithos Road Trip: The Ghost Town

Bannack, Montana had a very cool ghost town I could visit every week if I lived close to it. Even though it's open for anyone, it is pretty deserted. If you don't about this place, you probably wouldn't just run into it.
The town is kept the way it used to be. All the houses are open to visit and the land open to wander. You feel an enormous sense of peace and you never want to go. 
After taking a few selfies and photos of my beautiful emptiness, it was time to put the cameras down and just enjoy.  Enjoy the solitude that we so seldom have anymore.

This is definitely a place I will never forget. Montana, you are one beautiful and open place to explore.  I can only imagine what this place looks like in the Winter! 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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