World Cup 2014 - 2nd Stage

HERE WE GO!  The best have fought and won their chance to the next round.  I am so excited all three of my favorite teams have made it to the next stage, the Round of 16, and dream of my favorite to make it as far as we can go.

Mexico has never won a World Cup, ever.  We always wonder if it's ever going to be possible.  We can dream right?  USA also made it to the next stage and even though they only passed because the other two didn't have enough points, we have a strong chance against Belgium.  And on to Brasil... They are the patrons on this World Cup and even though they are my second favorite team, every one would still hate to see them lose and completely out of the games.  They are a strong team and they have everyone's support but Chile wants it so badly.  Anything, again, can happen.  Chile can make it through if they want it bad enough.

If the Futbol Gods can hear me, please give Mexico a chance.  Pleeeeeeease!!!! We would greatly appreciate a little love come our way.  So many countries have known what it's like to hold the championship cup in their hands.  Mexico, with such a strong lovers of futbol, never has known what it's like to hold the ultimate prize.  It's would be a DREAM COME TRUE. 

USA with such little support is what ultimately seems like not many support it.  This needs to change and should change!  I am tired of hearing "soccer is boring!" UGH, nothing makes me more angry!  IF you love your country, you love passion and sheer joy of things, you LOVE FUTBOL!  Nothing else, that's it.  You love it or you don't.  

Brasil making it to the final would be awesome.  It keeps the country happy and willing to keep the excitement in their country going with no hard feelings.  No body wants to see a fight begin.  Let's just hope it's all done fairly and no trouble comes from it.  

So, let the fun and excitement continue.  I am currently watching Brasil vs. Chile and they are tied halftime.  At this point every game is an awesome game.  The Best of the Best comepeting for the all or nothing win.  Keep going or GO HOME.  Tears of joy and pure sadness at every end of game from the players and fans alike.  Really, what's NOT to love?!!!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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