Transformers 4 Review. Thumbs waay down

Oh Transformers 4, how you have let me down. Way down. I actually give it two stars only because of the special effects but I take off three stars for the never ending senseless metal crashing and Autobot killing. This is pretty much it. The first hour was enjoyable because of the human story behind it, the second hour was hardly tolerable and by the third hour I was wishing it had ended an hour ago! 

I, like all the other fans, was thrilled and couldn't wait to watch the next sequel to the much loved Transformers series. Yes, I am a big fan, seen every movie at the theatre, bought every movie as it came out and even recently bought a collection of all three in Blueray. I've seen the movies each several times, love the kiss scene with Magan Fox and Shia with the rotating camera and the sun glistening in their eyes. Yadiyadiyada The whole nine yards, you name it, I've seen it. Loved it. I am a fan... Or rather was a fan, of the old movies. 

This is me anxiously and cluelessly awaiting to watch Transformers 4. 

I am a huge fan of the previous Transformer movies and I can honestly say I have NOT been this disappointed at a movie I loved so much in like, forever. WHY? Why was this movie even made? Other than all the money they will make off of it from clueless movie goers like me, they killed every hope I once had in it. Every hope. They just ruined a real good thing. 

Not seen the movie? You might want to cover your ears. I have so many questions... Like why were most of the Transformers killed? It's not like they couldn't be drawn in. What happened to Shia, was he killed to for associating with them? So many characters you got to know and love, gone. Just gone. And the sad part is that we are told they were killed, by humans! What?! I know right. Humans are the enemies and this time in a big way! So don't expect to see your favorite Autobot. This has to be my least favorite part, I mean a transformers with new characters? I had two teens saying this movie quote unquote "stunk" and a 6 year old little fan be terrified of the humans ripping the Autobots to pieces that she loved so much. 

And then there's this little thing where we are actually the idiots who resurrect the main Decepticon and the senseless cliche blond girl screaming around and making lots of dumb mistakes. I also found no real connectiion to the characters and their stories, it was lame. The same 'ol "daddy girl likes the bad boy" story is pretty old now. Mark Walhberg playing the dad protecting his little innocent 17 year old hot daughter in shorts up the crack just doesn't do it for me anymore. I know a Magan Fox replacement was imperative but that girl just didn't do it for me. Not even close. 

Bottle line is, I can see why Shia didn't want to do this movie. No offense Mark, you're still great in other movies. It's just that Bumblebee is already taken. Transformers 4. Both thumbs way down! :( This movie should have never ever been made and this comes from a fan from the very beginning. Can you say special effect motion sickness? #SadbutTrue

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas