The Road to Brazil Continues

So, this is it.  The time is finally here and I have been short of busy with excitement watching all the games I can.  The Group stage of the the World Cup is everyone's chance to get a taste of each other, to see where we all stand and see how far each one of us think we can go.  We have had some great and bad surprises already and we are just getting started!

The World Cup is my favorite championship EVER and one many of us look forward to with all our hearts. For us fans this is the time of great fears, happiness, joys and heartbreak.  The weird thing is that we wouldn't want it any other way! The time is here and we've been having day after day of amazing games.  The only bad thing is that I am currently traveling and I am getting to miss many games that I would've otherwise watched at the comfort of my own home.

I have already seen some amazing memorable games.  USA, Brasil and Mexico have played and a couple of them with each other and being they are my favorite teams, I didn't miss them.  We have started the last round of games for the Team stage and we have already seen some amazing teams like Spain (the 2010 champions) get eliminated.  After the teams battle it out with each other, the top two of each group of 4 get to move on forward to the Top 16.  Depending if they get to be first or second place the go battle it out with another group's first or second place.  The winners then go to Quarter, Semi and the Final where the last two teams compete for the World Cup Championship.

This is great family and personal fun and a time I have looked forward to for four years and I am so happy it's finally here but it will be over before you know it!  I am rooting for my favorite teams, Mexico, Brasil and USA.  If not too much corruption is involved, let's just hope the referees are fair and no dirty work is involved.  We all have faith our favorite country will prevail and get as close to the final as possible.  It's never been so we can only hope this is the time Mexico, a country with great hopes and amazing fans can make it to the end.  This would be my dream come true!

Let the fun continue!...

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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