South Padre Island, we Meet Again

The time has finally come when I got to enjoy the beautiful sound of waves and seagulls and the taste of sand on my lips.  The feeling is that of "I could do this every day" and never look back.  Every time I come to visit my parents, I have to make a trip (or two or three) to the SP Island, or just South Padre.
Camila enjoying the sand in her toes.  Grateful for this moment.

Marina, Camila and Sophie had a wonderful time at the beach and even though I used my 5D, I didn't get many photos.  I was more focused on enjoying the moments and chasing my little girl around every second.  Yes, there was a time when she stood still and I was glad I captured it.  
I look at this picture and I wish I was right there again.
Enjoying the little things is what I try to do.  A cup of coffee with my parents in the morning, a trip to the island to sink my toes in the sand, a long conversation with my mother, that delicious food she makes.  Every happy moment is a creation we make.  We have to learn to find those moments and fight enough to keep them.  They are the real deal, these are the moments that matter.

Marina never stands still long enough for a posed photo. 
Every photo I get of my little girls I have to work hard for.  They don't make it easy for me, there is no such thing as pose for mama yet.  The good thing is that it's made me better at anticipating the moment, that moment I can only wish it's everything I hoped for.  Sometimes they are the best moments I could dream of.  They may not be perfect but they are life and life never is.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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