Happy Mother's Day

This is my day.  Mother's Day usually starts with my favorite meal of the day, breakfast in bed.  Yasss!  Then it's off to just doing nothing for one day.  I get pampered and spoiled and massaged non stop and lots of diamond rings.  Ha, In my dreams! 

In reality, I get my day feeling grateful and blessed to have my three girls in my life.  They complete and absolutely inspire me to be the best person in the world for them.  Before they came into my life, I lived but after they came into my life I now exist.  Life took a whole new face, direction and purpose.

I have them to thank for this transformation in my life.  I always try my best to be a good mommy, one they feel proud to have and one I feel proud to be.  My children are my biggest pride and joy and I am looking forward to a million more years of days like these! Minus the diamonds. :)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYS to all the mommys out there who try their darnest every single day.  

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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