Happy Birthday to ME

I have learned to enjoy my birthday without any real extravagant expectations. In my mind, my one rule is to "have fun" and that's it. Enjoy the day, enjoy the moments and you will finish your day without regrets. 
My birth day is just that now, a reminder of another blessed year of life on this Earth with my family that I love so much. I remember when I used to get sad and depressed when my birthday was over thinking how disappointing it was and how it wasn't anything like I envisioned it would be. But not anymore!

Call it wisdom or age or whatever you want but now I am more at peace with my life than ever before. That one birthday is not an indication of anything... It's either the ending of or the beginning of another year of life. To celebrate it, I must, and that is just what I did. But as a reminder of something I've done since I was young is live with No regrets. Whatever happens it was meant to happen and that's it and at the end of the day be happy with who you are and where you are. 

And that may just be the true reason of it all... I have never been more at ease with who I am than now. I am working on my goals in life, feeling positive and oh so determined to having a successful outcome. If you work hard, you should achieve, that is the general idea. Working towards all kinds of different goals keeps me happy and feeling positive. There is no better feeling that feeling proud of yourself. 

Sure, sometimes I have too much on my plate but that's what it's all about. Moving forward, working hard and staying true to yourself. Nothing can keep me back, not even fleas! Oh wait, that's just my reminder to Frontline booster my felines. It's that time of the month for them. :)

So with that I say my birthday was the best day ever, according to my baby girl Camila that's how it should be. Every day is the Best Day ever for her and she's right you know. If we have that mentality, then every new day is a new beginning and a brand new birth day. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas