The Oscars 2014

These were my four favorites and until I had seen them all I could make up my mind about them. I love movies, I just don't go to the theatre much now that I have a big family so I prefer to watch them at home. Redbox is my best friend you know. Well you see after accumulating hundreds of DVDs I never watch again, I figured this was the obvious best choice for me. We now only buy movies we really like, would watch again and actually want to collect as is the case for Movie of the Year. 

Movie of the Year should be a given, it's a movie we would want to own so usually as soon as it's announced at the Oscars, we get in Amazon and click Buy Now. It should be the Best Movie of the year so naturally it should as expected, be awesome but the Oscar voters get it wrong sometimes. Need I remind you the year Avatar lost Movie of the Year? Hmmm? I still want to pull their hairs for that monstrosity. Naturally we bought the movie that won and it was a Borefest!! 

Yes, the Oscar voters get it wrong often times and this year was no different on a few. Sure, I'm no expert but somethings are just easy to see. 

12 Years a Slave. Movie of the Year. Best Supporting Actress.
I think they got one right and one wrong or maybe both wrong? Yes, another slave movie, not my favorite topic I must say. Reliving that painful, horrible time of history is not one of my favorite things to do while I sit down in my PJs and eat popcorn. We clicked Buy Now remember so now we had to watch it. 

The Best movie was possibly right but still not outstanding. It was a good movie to watch once and probably never again. The acting was good, if anything the slave owners got me more stirred up than anything. When an actor makes you feel any kind of emotion, like hate, that's good acting to me. Just because it's not my favorite topic movie, this is a 3 STAR. 

The Best Supporting Actress was absolutely and without a doubt wrong. Lupita Nyong'o role was not something that would come out of an Oscar winner. My opinion is she had some ok acting scenes and one good scene, a sad part at the end, and that's it. To me, they got this so wrong but then again there wasn't much better to choose from.
American Hustle. No wins. 
I think they go this right. I watched it but wasn't impressed. Remember I don't impress easily. Avatar and Titanic are about the only 5 Star movie I've ever seen so a 4 is about as good as it gets for most movies. This one is a 3 STARS.

This movie had actually tied with Gravity with nominations --10, but was completely shut out at the award ceremony winning absolutely nothing at all. I guess now they know what it feels like to be Leobardo DiCaprio at an Oscar ceremony. 

I enjoyed watching it but wasn't "Buy" worthy or "Rewarch" worthy. Actors were decent but definitely not Oscar worthy. Moving on...

Dallas Buyers Club. Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor. 
Wow, wow, wow. They got this SO right! I give this 4 STARS for sure.  First off Mathew McConoughey was outstanding in acting, not to mention his physical appearance was crazy as he lost so much weight just for this role. The story was a bit different, I actually had no idea what the movie was about when I began watching it. Sometimes it good to go totally blind into a movie so you end up pretty surprised by it or totally bummed out. This time I was pleasantly surprised. 

I knew Jared Leto had won Best Supporting Actor but I didn't know what role or movie he played in. Even after watching the movie Dallas Buyers club I still didn't know it was him who played the transvestite with AIDS. We didn't know who was playing this role he but definitely knew he deserved some kind of award and were blown away after knowing it was Jared. I think it's great acting when you absolutely have no idea who the actor is. I feel it was well deserved on this one too. 
Gravity. Best Director. 
Finally saw it and I although I was very excited to see it, I was a little underwhelmed. Well it was a movie based on floating in space and surviving in finding a way to get back to earth. It does make you appreciate being here rather than out there, the most hostile and scary place in the Universe. I got a little teary eyed at the end when she finally makes it to earth... Spoiler Alert too late! Aww Earth Sweet Earth! I'm assuming you already saw this movie of course so sorry about that if you didn't. 

I can see why Sandra Bullock didn't win Best Actress or why this movie didn't win best movie, there just wasn't enough content to the movie other than two big actors, a great band and a big ass green screen. Yeah, I'm sure there was more to it but to me that's what it seemed. It was pretty awesome to watch once and the acting with Bullock and Clooney was the best. Director Alfonso Cuaron did an amazing job at this movie, well deserved. 

So, to me, I think they got most of the awards right, other than the Best Supporting Actress that is. "Let it Go" from Frozen win Best Song and Best Animated Feature. I bought it as soon as it came out and my girls were not disappointed and have been watching it ever since.  I may be a grouch but I think it's not the best movie Walt Disney has made, so. I have enjoyed the best of last year and can't wait to see what other amazing movie they come up with this year. 

The Oscars did more that show some great movies but also some funny stuff. Their host Ellen DeGeneres set a new social media record with her celebrity filled selfie that was retweeted more times than any photograph in Twitter history. President Barack Obama had the previous record. 

I've always a movie lover and still waiting on my one and only true love, Avatar 2. I've looked forward to it for so long, I fear after waiting for so long I will be disappointed at the very end. I still don't see what could be taking so long with part 2... It's been years, come on!!! How big could their new Green screen need to be? 

Oh well, as I try to live with my frustration over Avatar, I look forward to some less that 5 Star movies for now. Until then, Chio! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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