Marina: Turning TWO

Happy Birthday my LittoOne!  Aww, the many wonders of the Terrible Twos, you are definitely getting there.  As much as I'm supposed to dread this time of your developments, I find them the most adorable of them all.  At two years old, my girls have always been as cute as they'll ever be.  Every tantrum, every new word and every silly giggly, I miss them so much from my girls.  This is the cutest time and I plan on enjoying every single moment of yours Marina.

You are talking more now and we are all so excited about this.  Your favorite word is "mine" and you use it often. Your favorite movie is The Croods and playing with Barbie dolls. Her learning is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to her favorite toy, the iPad.  Learning games like Early Reader are helping her with speech, reading and even writing!  At the early age of 2, I can't believe how much they can learn and understand.  While my other daughters enjoyed learning toys like LeapPads and such, nothing compares to the iPad as the ultimate in learning even for children this young.
Marina is a huge fan of music and a big explorer.  I've never met a child who doesn't enjoy music, but marina loves to dance as well.  We have quite a collection of videos of her dancing and jumping, which she can do well now.  She's growing by leaps and bounds now and by Monday I will know her exact measurements when she goes to her doctor's appointment.  

Oh boy, this is my favorite part! She is not only tantrum galore, takes claim to almost everything, makes all her toys kiss, makes huge messes but she is the biggest Mommy Girl I've ever had!  She will choose me over her dad in a heartbeat! She is my day buddy when everyone goes to school or work.  She claims me and doesn't like anyone getting close to me.  I love all the love she gives but I know after 4 years old, they turn all their attention on to daddy.  I will enjoy these moments that are just for me as long as they last. 

We spent the day at the Houston Rodeo carnival and we had so much fun with her. I am so blessed to have this little babygirl in my life.  My pregnancy was difficult, I mean painful.  I have a lower spine injury and even though some nights I fell asleep with tears in my eyes of all the pain, that makes me love her even more.  A mother's pain is nothing compared to all the love we get as our reward. We all love her so much, specially Camila, they are best friends.   Camila, or Titi as Marina calls her, are inseparable when she gets home from school.  She loves her big sisters and all her kitty cats.  May God bless and protect you my sweet babygirl.

She wasn't too happy about the cake icing making her fingers messy and the candles scared her.  She is my first baby who wasn't crazy about digging in her cake and getting messy all over.  This was her day and we all celebrated our love for her.  I got to win a unicorn for Camila on a carnival game, which I've never done.  I felt kinda awesome about that that I jumped and cheered like crazy and had just won a million dollars.  Instead I said, I will have the little unicorn there.  It felt just as good though, Camila wanted it so badly.  I was the best mom ever! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! :) Let the FUN begin! 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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