Happy Birthday Mom

My mother, or Mamich as we like to call her, has been the greatest gift this life has ever given me.  I just simply cannot see myself living without her in my life.  She gave life to me and I owe at least that much back to her.  She has always taken care of us and always done the best she could.  She has sacrificed her own life and happiness for us and always made us feel loved no matter what. We always came first to her. We never needed anything no matter how poor we were, we had everything and she made sure of that.  She walked for miles to bring us groceries, she did without so that we wouldn't, she always had a home cooked meal on our table and no matter how much she had to do, our home was always so perfectly clean.  I often wondered how on earth she did it all.  She has always been the role model mother I wish I could one day be.
It is her birthday, her special day and one day I wish with all my heart I could be near her.  Even though I just saw her not too long ago, I already miss her with all my heart.  My mother has struggled and surpassed every life struggle one could. Her childhood, as a woman and as a mother, her life has not been easy but she is the strongest woman I've ever known.  She carried buckets of heavy water just to wash her children's clothes, milled corn by hand just to make her children food and walked for miles to bring her children the things they needed. She has always put her children first. If this is not a mother, I just don't know what is.  No matter what I do for my children, it will never ever come close to everything she's done for us.

She taught me the real value of raising your children the right way and God has always blessed her back.  She always thinks of her children first and this is why all her children respect and honor her so much.  She is the world to us and cherish every moment we spend with her. We were poor but were always well fed, well groomed and well mannered. We know how much she's done for us and no matter how much we do for her, it will never compare to what she has done for us.  She has taught us the real values in life, the ones that count and are nowadays lost so easily.  She has struggled but she is a fighter and has always overcome them all.  She is my hero.

My mother, I love you with all my heart.  I will always and forever be grateful that you have taught me so much.  Whether you thought I was listening or not, I was and it's in here. It's in my head and in my heart. My heart broke when your heart broke losing your mother.  I saw myself in you and it was the hardest thing I've had to endure.  I never want to see you sad for you are my happiness.  May God continue to bless and protect you.  I wish I was with you on this day, your birthday, but from a distance I am sending you all my love to you.  I will see you verysoon Mamich... I love her so much and thank you for everything you've always so selflessly done for me. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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