Break Bad Eating Habits

We all know how hard this is to do... to not eat what you crave and love so much.   It's a constant battle for most of us but once we find a few clues we can stop these cravings on their tracks.
  1. Know your weaknesses.  Whether you constantly crave chips or eat more when you're stressed, journal to get a clearer view of what, when and why you eat.  Obviously for me it's in my lady days, soon after working out and during a cold winter or rainy day.  Yeah, it happens.  The good thing is I know the when so I can now work on the what I can do about it.  If you're eating for reasons besides hunger, such as stress, sadness or anger, stop.  Find alternatives, such as exercising.  See a mental health professional to delve into deeper issues.
  2. Focus on your Meal.  Don't eat in front of your computer, tv, tablet, or while on a smartphone, or otherwise engaging in some kind of screen.  This will distract your brain from actually getting the signals from your stomach when you are full.  My hubs actually wonders why he chokes on his meat when he eats.  Because he eats with his cell phone flat on his face, that's why!  Savour your food by paying special attention to the tastes and textures.  Slow it down a bit and enjoy your food.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that it is full. 
  3. Eat to Satiate Hunger alone.  Don't wait, as serious hunger leads to serious overeating.  Eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep you from ravaging your fridge the next time you get hungry.  When you are no longer hunger stop and drink a glass of water to finish you off. Remember no matter what you do, never ever go for seconds! 
  4. Seek Support.   So if you're still overeating and just don't know why, see your primary physician to make sure health problems, such as diabetes, aren't at play.  Sometimes no matter how much we do to cut back our hunger, there are other things wrong that are beyond our control.  It is best to always consult with your doctor if you suspect something could be wrong. If everything is alright, lean on friends, family or join a 12-step programs like Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous.  Check out dietitian-led programs that features healthier meal choices and hone cooking skills.
  5. Indulge Now and Again.  No matter how strict you want your diet to be, pamper yourself now and then.  If you have keep up with your diet, have ran your miles and watched your food intake, nothing says you can't spoil yourself by enjoying a sweet treat.  Being excessively strict with your diet can torpedo healthy habits.  Get your fill of lean proteins, veggies and fruits first, and then enjoy dessert as well.  See, have your cake and eat it too makes total sense here. 
No matter what, it's very important to know eating should be fun and delicious.  If something becomes something you dread, it will not last.  Simple as that.  If I don't like it, I don't do it.  Period.  I don't like exercising, I can think of a book or two I would much rather be reading, but I enjoy running.  It's a win win.  The worst eating habit I see in people is when they force feed themselves disgusting green smoothies because it's good for them.  If it's not going to last, why even start it.

What are more good eating habits...

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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