Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver and Seattle, today is your day.  The happiest or the saddest day of the year for you.  I am excited just watching and I don't really care one bit who wins.  Ok, I'm lying, obviously  everybody has a favorite whether we want to or not.  If you are a tiny bit competitive, you will choose a side, you just have to.
Having said that, I have to say: Go Broncos.  No real reason, it's just their mascot is a horse.  What can I say.  I like a horse better than a hawk, ok no, I do like hawks and all chicken-like animals. So go Hawks! Well, I guess I will be happy whoever wins because whoever wins will have deserved it.

We are in the 2nd Half and the score is 15-0 with Seattle Seahawks winning.  Apparently these two teams are darn awesome with a heck of a year to get to the super bowl, I'm not sure why Denver is playing so slow, keeps getting intercepted, sacked and bad throws by Manning. There was even a pick six!  They are not playing like the best, not at all.  Come on, wake up, this is the Super-Bowl!

Whoever wins will most definitely deserve it and I will be happy for them.  As of right now, the winning team is Seattle for sure.  They are playing like they want it.  I'm not saying things can't change from one quarter to another, because many times they do.  It's not over until it's over is how I see it but as of right now things are definitely favoriting the Hawks.

Halftime show: Bruno Mars with Red Hot Chili Peppers.
One tiny secret regarding the Super Bowl half time show is that the celebrities that are invited do not get paid for their performance.  I was shocked to find this out but it makes sense.  They feel they get enough exposure and advertising on just being there, that's enough of a paycheck. Bruno Mars was like aways, a great performance.  Always a joy to watch.

The commercials, always my favorite part of the Super Bowl no doubt.  My favorite commercial has to be Toyota 2014 Highlander commercial.  Uhm, I have my own little reasons to like this one but I cannot say why. :)

AND THE WINNER IS: Obviously the Seattle Seahawks!  43-8 was the final score.  The Denver Broncos finally managed to score a touchdown and a two point conversion giving them the grand total of 8 points.  I am glad they managed some points because a shutout would've been heartbreaking for a true fan.  The brutal truth is that the Seahawks just played 100 times better in every way.  Denver was not there, it was not their night to shine or much of anything else.

Congratulations Seahawks!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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