Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Can I just say the funniest thing about this movie have to be the minions.  These little guys make this movie go all the way up to my favorites list.  Their dress ups, their unintelligible ramblings and adorable little yellow shape!  When I say this is a must buy, I mean it. I only buy what I have tried. I am a little tight-waddy that way when it comes to movies.  See after owning hundreds of DVDs that never get watched again, I now have to Redbox them first before I buy.  Absolutely, why not.  If you're a mom, you have to be a tightwad sometimes.  The more kids you have the more tight-waddy you get.  Sad. But true.

Ok I'm not that bad, it's NOT like my one year old wears used clothes that belonged to her older sister who is 11 years old or anything... Ok, yes, yes she does but that doesn't prove anything.

Back to the review... I give this movie 4 STARS all the way. My four stars don't come easy, not to mention my five stars.  (Up to this day, for me there's only been ONE five star movie ever made)  This movie, though, is a joy to watch and anything that keeps my girls (and me) calm and quiet for an hour or two, I have to rate pretty high.  The story and characters are so just funny and not to mention the minions dressing up in hilarious costumes makes this movie a big hit my my little ones.  By little ones I actually mean my one year old, she doesn't even move throughout the whole movie!  That's hard to believe.  I'm so blessed to have movie lovers for kids, I can still remember Sophie crying when she watched Lion King and she was just one year old.

My favorite, cheapest, fastest and easiest way to shop. I love that place! Did I mention I'm also kinda lazy when it comes to loading up three kids, hearing them whine and complain all the way to the store, then whine and complain they want a bunch of stuff when we finally get there?  That's a whole other story!  But yes, one click buy and delivery is just what the doctor ordered for me.

So go on, get this movie, you will love it and your kids will love you for it!  I mean, who can't think of three and a half things to do with two hours of uninterrupted time?


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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