Hello ByWord Word Processor

Hello ByWord.
It’s just me an this big white page. What to write, what to write. Hmmm.
I’ve been on the hunt for a distraction free writing software but most are pretty pricy while others were just too plain. I didn’t just want to write but I wanted to blog my writing as well. There was so much out there for writing but not many for publishing, and the ones that were, cost an arm and a leg. Reading around I came about the ByWord word processor and got it right away when I found out it had Publishing capability to Blogger! Sweet, I had finally found a distraction free writing app and had publishing! I purchased ByWord for $9.99 and the first thing I noticed is how much distractions were gone. Nothing here but a white screen and me.  Now this is gonna be interesting.

There’s this writing mode called Typewrite mode. It keeps the line you’re currently on right in the middle and moves everything up or down. Some people have the brain to like this and keeps on coming up with words. I am not sure if this is how my brain works but I used to love writing in my typewriter when I was young. Well, actually when I didn’t have anything else but I typewriter… this was in High School you know, pre-technology. I loved my typewriter! Then my mother got a hold of it and I never saw it again. My mother, the anti-hoarder, gotta love it.

I have to say, I am really liking this Typewriter mode. It just makes the words disappear on top of the page. It’s like I don’t have to worry about what I wrote and just focus on what’s to come. This is very useful and somehow my brain likes it, it just keeps or coming up with thoughts and I keep on writing. I guess somehow seeing the full page there with words tempts me to go back and re read what I wrote. This mode is kinda fun and keeps my thoughts flowing. I guess this is why it’s called ByWord because in this mode you just see the words going by to the top of the screen, I guess I'm a genius for figured it out right? :)

It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you would like until you try it. Like i said, I am an old school typewriting writer kinda of gal. A typewriter is where I learned to type. I was even asked to join the “Typing Club” or whatever it was called, in High School. We would carry these huge and heavy typewriters to competitions to other schools and the fastest typer with less typos would win. I didn’t go to many competition, my parents didn’t allow it so I had to get out. It’s ok thought, I knew I was pretty good anyways but it did help me. Like I said, this was the beginning of typing on keyboards, now everyone and their grandma does it and does it well. Still I was pretty darn fast “Back in the Day” and proud of it. :) I was a fast typer before typing was cool.

My love of writing is innate and an insane necessity. It began when I got my very first Diary around 10 years old and I never stopped writing. It comes to show that when you love doing something you find a way. I didn’t have a fancy journal after that but I made due with what I did and could find and I worked it. Ever since I’ve never stopped wiring. It’s what I love to do, it keeps me in Zen and one day, I will write that awesome novel I’ve been dreaming about. No, really, they come in my dreams. What’s up with that right? Weird.

Another cool feature on the second edition of ByWord is PUBLISHING to your Blog. I would say my second favorite part. It’s an extra in-App purchase of $4.99 (gotta love those hidden sells) but it allows you to publish your writings on your blog. This is cool considering another publishing app cost $30 to do this. This little surprise got me pressing the “buy now” button right away. I had to try it, if it worked, it was worth it. If this publishing is not your thing, ByWord comes with Markdown syntax where you copy and paste right into your blogging browser and is ready to be recognized in your Html processor. Italics for example show with a * around it or bold with two ** around it and so on. It has some other options like light and dark background color scheme and different fonts and sizes to choose from. It also includes bulleted or numbered list and basic aligning settings. Your HTML processor knows how to interpret this code and gets your page exactly how you like it. When you Preview Markdown, you can either export in Word format, PDF, RTF or copy the Html in your clipboard and then paste it in your blogging page or just hit the publish button. Viola, you're done!  If Markdown doesn't happen to be your thing, ByWord also includes a Rich Text editing mode that is also very nice and easy to write in.
What I don’t Like: You cannot add pictures, just a link reference of an image you have stored or want to use from the web. But this is ok thought, this is just for writing. There also doesn't seem to have double line break, you know when you hit the return button twice there should be a double line space?  Well, for some crazy reason, this will only space the line once when you publish or copy the HTML.  I found a walk around method of just doing the good ol' Copy and Pastearoo into your compose page.  I just could never make the copy HTML code work so I just did it the only way I know how. Viola, it works!  One more and arguably the most annoying one of all is that your publishings goes straight to 'Publish' and not to your Draft box on Blogger.  If you use WordPress, I believe it allows you the option to choose.  I just don't know why you can't do this on Blogger.  Maybe an update is coming soon for this. Fingers crossed! This is kind of a bummer since you still need to add a photo so being in Draft would really help, but I guess it will have to deal with this for now.  You can always "Revert to Draft" when you view it online and schedule it for a later date.

ByWord for iOS is another great addition when you are on the go. It syncs your iPhone and iPad to your Mac. You get a great idea and write it down at the grocery store in your iPhone and then come home at night and finish it up on your mac, hit publish and you're done! This will set you back another 4 bucks but I find it well worth it again. If you've decided this is the route you wanna take, then it really helps to get the whole enchilada. A second option for on the go is DayOne, which also uses Markdown and any post you export can be opened using ByWord.  This also syncs through iCloud so it's in your Mac waiting for you.  There's just so many fun options, I'm like a little girl at a candy store of wiring software. If that makes aaany sense at all.
Overall I really like this as it's great for my web-focused writing. Write, Sync and Publish, ByWord has it all in one. Or if you're reeally Old School, you can hit the Print button and put your pages in a cute notebook to look at and flip the pages around and Archive and keep it safe and stored away so nothing ever happens to your precious writing. Not that I'm saying I do this. Maybe. I'm so glad I found this app but only time will tell how useful it is in the long run for my blogging.

Happy Writing! :) LGF

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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