Happy 16th Anniversary. ❤

While this post is about how much I love my baby boy, sometimes I wonder how on earth we've been together this long. Gary's father often jokes that one day he's going to get me a medal for being married to Gary this long. Ha, I kinda like that joke. But then it got me thinking, what actually makes people stay married?  Is it resilience, stubbornness or a strong belief in fairy tales? I say it's a little of all of the above.
  1. Resilience: Really, don't sweat the small stuff.  This has been my experience.  If I had one secret and could do it all over again, this would be it.  I can still remember the "big fights" as newlyweds over trivial junk like "why did I take so long in the bathroom? or "why didn't he buy me the big ring I wanted and when he did, I didn't want it anymore" Useless childish junk, I tell you.  But to us, at the time, it was BIG. This is why young adults should never get married. Like EVER! I got married at 19, NINE-teen, as in I had just graduated high school and started college, so what the heck is up with that?  I was just getting my junk together and making sense of things around me, this was the last thing I needed.  No, it has not been easy, for both of us, but we have managed so far to grow together.  The stuff that used to annoy us, while we might still roll our eyes at, we have gotten used to it, we don't let it get to us and we are better friends because of this. "It is what it is" has become our motto.  Arguments have become less about winning and more about getting to know each other. With every argument you learn more about what we each love or hate. With each argument you learn.  
  2. Stubbornness. Yes, you need a little bit of this for sure because some people just give up too fast.  For something to grow into fruition, you have to be in it for the long haul.  Nothing comes out ready, thriving and blooming.  Everything takes time and patience and marriage is no different. While there are some "marriage killers" like infidelity, to which I say wholeheartedly get out, you can overcome the smaller stuff.  We have worked hard because we both knew we had something special here, like a raw diamond, we just had to polish it up.  
  3. Fairy Tales.  Why the heck not?  If they happen in a lot of movies, it can certainly happen to us. And when I say "us", I mean it.  Things cannot ever work out if only one partner wants this dream.  Marriage is never perfect but as long as you see it for what it is and not for what it isn't, then together you can value and treasure it as if it was something that was so rare you may never ever find something like it again in your life.  
I've been lucky to find someone who shares my goals in life, who respects my traditions and dreams. We have worked hard at this and never have gave up.  We have both made sacrifices and would do them all over again if we had to. We have a long road ahead and many more anniversaries to go, but I think we've gotten through the toughest years.  Hopefully. Whatever the road may be in the future for us, I feel the luckiest woman in the world to have had Gary in my life. He makes me feel safe, hopeful and ready to accomplish anything in life.  He has been more than my life partner but my best friend. I love him with all my heart and has also given me the three most precious loves of my life! What else could I ever ask for?! I love our family just the way it is and he loves us too... we have at least this much in common. And this is all that matters.

I love you BabyBoy! You have made my life the happiest I could every imagine... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Maanny More! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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