For the Love of Blogging

My blog is my passion and if I don’t feel passionate enough about writing something In it, I tend to not do it for days… and yes even weeks. To be a blogger, you have to find joy in writing or else one day you will find you are dreading it and avoiding it. This joy of writing alone is just enough to make you a happy blogger in the long run. A happy writer stays a blogger.
This brings to mind a book series titled “Keep it Simple Stupid” or KISS and well, this book was kinda right. There are many things we tend to complicate just for the sake of complicating things. With blogging, we don’t have to. Blogging doesn’t need to be complicated. To make your blogging fruitful you just need to KISS it. Blogging should be so simple that you can even do it from your iPhone and with my ByWord iOS app, I find myself doing this more often than I ever imagined. So the biggest piece of advice I could, I’ve been here since 2009 so this kinda makes me old school, is to “Keep It Simple”… ok I’m not gonna say the last part. :)

Blog for the sake of blogging, not because you think you think you’ll get rich doing it. Blog because you enjoy writing and not because you think you’ll get famous doing it. I know there are uber famous blog sites out there and I get it, but they started somewhere right. So this is where you start, you enjoy what you do and you do it often and you do it well. The end. Your blog cannot consume you, you must be consumed by your blog. You are not your blog, your blog is you. You get it right? You and your blog are one.

Ok, this just got weird. And complicated. So let’s go back to keeping it simple.

In order for your blog to thrive in this world of the wide web, you have to make it your commitment and the thing is you can actually keep this commitment if you are having fun while you do it. If your blog is something that makes you come back to it, it will definitely be something that you will be able to do in the years to come. We’re doing it for ourselves and our readers. Sharing our amazing unique experience and our awesome point of views.

If you are forcing yourself to write a blog post, you are doing it wrong, obviously. The most important thing to do is to just write. That’s it. Don’t worry if you never publish a thing you write, just write. Set a goal for 500 or 1000 words per day. Personally I want to be a writer so it obviously shows in my writing. I enjoy writing and I will continue to do it even if not a single soul reads it. No matter, I will just keep on writing until I am old and wrinkled. This doesn’t mean I will push out whatever rambles go through my brain. I still have my little standard you know and will not push something out I am not a tiny bit proud of. I just won’t. Ok maybe.

Writing and blogging are not the same thing. One can lead to the other only if you choose to. You can write 10,000 words and only 500 words make it in your blog. Choose wisely. Be funny, be wise, be informative but above all, be yourself. Your audience will connect with your voice and will feel curious to come back. I start with a blank page and go from there. Sometimes a blog post will come from something I write but other times (many times) nothing I wrote is worth sharing. I write for me, my family and anyone I may help. I write my life, my memories and anything that makes me happy and a better person. Always striving for the awesomeness or anything close to it is good enough too.

Write for you, Blog for others.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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