World Cup Brazil 2014. It's Almost Here!

Wow.  You have no idea how much I have looked forward to this.  For four years I have thought of where I would be or even if I would be alive for the next Brazil 2014 World Cup.  So many things have happened since Africa 2010 but the good news is I'm still alive! Woohoo!  While it seems like an eternity ago, the emotions and the excitement can still be felt.  This is about the most intense and exciting games of my life.

As if this World Cup could get any better, it is being hosted by my second favorite team of all time! Brazil. How I wish I could get out of my fear of flying and somehow come up with thousands of dollars to travel and be able to witness the World cup in person.  A once in a lifetime experience. I somehow don't think it's gonna happen though, but my giant screen tv will have to do.  Or maybe, we still have time for me to win the lottery.  It is every soccer fan's dream to be able to witness one of these games in person and I am no different.  It would be awesome!  A once in a lifetime event.

Some part of me still can't believe this is almost here... just as much as the movie Avatar 2 is also near.  I'm telling you, 2014 is gonna be an exciting year! So much to look forward to. The Texans get a new coach and first draft pick and so does my Longhorns.  Oooh, so many exiting news coming up this year.

Something about the way I was raised that I will always wish for Mexico to win a World Cup.  Just once, in my lifetime would be incredible.  I can only dream right? Next on my list is of course, Brazil.  No doubt they are an amazing team.  Last but not least, USA baby!  Yes, they have played pretty good this year so things are looking pretty good for USA. You never know.  You never know.  Fingers crossed for either one of my teams.

Looking forward to some exciting games!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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