Why I don't make New Year Resolutions

Other than the obvious reason that we don't keep them long enough, I think of them as setting a limit to what I can actually accomplish in the year because when they don't, I will not feel like a failure and quit. I do have an idea of the routes I want to take but mostly it goes something like this: I want to do more of what I've been doing and less of what I'm not.
More of the Good and Less of the Bad is how I see it.  Pretty easy right. As long as I focus on what works and do less of what doesn't, I should be ok. Priorities work better for me than "Resolutions". I just like to keep on moving forward. As long as I see myself getting better at what I enjoy doing and should be doing, then I will be happy. 

The whole I'm going to lose weight or I'm gonna eat more healthy this year junk never works for me. Why? Because those are things I do most of the year anyways. I already know there will be times when I won't exercise and times when I won't eat "so healthy" so this isn't new to me. I'm OK with taking these breaks. 

I know there's people who need a big stop sign and the promise of the New Year is the best support they need to turn healthy. But look at this pic, my husband grocery shopping the first day of the year actually takes it a little bit too far. But he needs this much motivation to get his year started right.  I feel blessed to have this control over myself most of the time. Thankfully I don't overdo most things like eating, unless we're supposed to. Let's be honest, holidays is what it's all about. The yummy delicious foods and the great family times. You can't escape it, it's what we look forward to all year. I also know Easter is for candy eating and so is Halloween and on and on. Knowing what to expect during the year gets me prepared and ready for it. 

What I want to do more of? Well, there's always family time, also improve my passions of photography, music and writing and of course get in the best shape of my life. Oh wait. Yes, I had to throw in some exercising. What I don't want to do so much of is play with my arch-nemesis: procrastination. It robs me of valuable productive time that honestly I don't have enough of it. With a family, children, chores and a business to run, I have so little time to waste or to do the little things I enjoy. No more wasting time, just getting things done. 

With high hopes I begin this year. Praying for the strength and the wisdom to get done everything I set to accomplish. 

More of the Good, Less of the Bad... Happy Planning!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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