#TBT: My First and Only Birthday Party

Ok, this is kinda sad for me.  I only had one birthday party when I was little.  Waahhaa, let the tears roll, right?  No, not really.  See what I have learned is that you can only appreciate something when you never or hardly ever had it.  This was the case for me here and this is why I grew up an appreciative person.

I was raised poor.  Yes, it happens.  I had the most amazing childhood ever though.  You never expect to hear that afterwards.  I was a poor and happy kid. While this topic is a whole other story, my topic of my very first #TBT post is about my one and only childhood birthday party ever.
To Throwback Thursday (last Thursday of the moth) for this topic I have to go way back to when I turned 9 years old.  My sister before me made it all possible.  She was born a party planner, she can still organize and throw one amazing event. She invited local friends and family members to join us in our luxurious event.  She put down a table and a rag and I have no idea what was on it. We had great refreshments like Kool-Aid and some amazing sandwiches as the main dish.  While I can vaguely remember the details, I had to do some research by asking adults who were actually there.  The one photo of the event, this memory lives forever in my mind and if I close my eyes I can relive it over again.

Whey was this memory so important?  Did I mention is was my only birthday party.  Whenever you don't have something and they you do and they you never have it again, well then it kinda turns into a big deal. See my girls will never know what this could feel like but it taught me a valuable life lesson though.  This event was one that has shaped who I would later become as an adult.
You learn to appreciate what you get.  Too often this message becomes completely oblivious to most children now a days, but not to me.  It was a blessing in disguise.  I never take my children's birthday for granted... not one!  They are truly valuable and one day I treasure all year long.  That one birth day will never come again and if I can show them just how special they are to me on that day, they will remember how they felt on that day for the rest of their lives.  I know I felt like a million bucks and even if it was just for one day, it changed my life forever.

Thank you for my sister for making this Milestone Memory in my life possible.  A true blessing and inspiration and one I've always looked up to.  I am grateful you made this possible for me, Kool-Aid and all, you could not have imagined what it would meant for me as an adult.  I love you sis! :)

And did I mention I got a bike on that day?  Yes, Best. Day. Ever! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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