One More Makes Four

Meet Simon, our newest member of our cat family.  He's a siamese kitten who joins us here in Texas all the way from Alabama.  He made the long journey Saturday and has now made our house his home.  Our other three cats have settled in and gotten used to him quite nicely.  They are not aggressive and their friendly nature made Simon have a smooth transition.
Welcome Home Simon
One fateful day I was in bed watching television and Gary shows me the cutest siamese kitten on a Facebook post that someone was giving away to a good home.  I immediate said "Yes I want him" only to find out he was located in Alabama.  "Well, never mind,"  I said.  "Thanks for getting my hopes up!" Turns out a family member who was in the same town as the kitten was and he was coming to Houston in a few days, he could bring him.  Alright, we were back in business.
He is slowly climbing up the spoiled ladder
That's exactly what happened and on Saturday night, after a long trip, he finally made it home.  He was purring up a storm and ready to be loved.  He settled in quite nicely and had us all wrapped around his finger in no time.  Siamese and their little blue crossed eyes tend to do just that to you.  By far, they are my favorite cat breed.  Intelligent, vocal and sweet.  Just like me.. HA! :) Prrrrr
Sophie and Simon on 01/12/2014
The name Simon came from none other than my first cat when I got married who was also a Siamese.  We adopted him just one week after Gary and I got married and he became our baby and most spoiled and loved cat ever!  You know how parents buy hundreds of jars of baby food for their baby?  Well, that was us but instead it was soft cat food jars and it was for a cat.  We would fill his Christmas stocking with cat toys on Christmas and even bought him real mice to play with! Yes, I know we got a little carried away, but he was out first baby way before the real ones came, about five years later.  So you see, he was with us for a very long time. He was very special to us and went through so much together.  I will never forget him and while I wasn't sure I could ever use his name again, my girls convinced me that since they didn't get to meet Simon, (although Sophie did but she was too small to remember) they wanted to have a Simon.

One more makes four and I think we have reached our cat limit.  Mia, Rango, Oliver and Simon and our cat family is now complete... or is it?  I just want Simon's previous family to know he will be very well taken care of and loved.  He could've have come to a better home.  We are CAT FOLK! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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