New Year, New Blog

On the last day of 2013, this crazy thought came to my head: my blog is boring. You know how I am, when something pops up, it just won't leave me alone. For reals. So I got to it. On the last day of the year? I know right. When I should've been sipping margaritas and dancing crazy, I was thinking what template I should try. 

I have to admit I am a bit rusty on HTML code. It's been months since I last changed the theme on my blog on my own. Blogger has made it so easy to change things around so most small changes were easy and fast. I decided to wait until the new year day to actually tackle the whole thing and just like that I was working on my new blog theme. 
Like it or hate it, I kept almost every widget I had before, it's just things look cleaner and a bit more organized now. I like it! The comments are back on since Disqus had completely destroyed my old ones. Oh well. I quickly worked on the links and also whipped up a small and kinda cute logo. Yes, sadly I had to say goodbye to my banners but I'm ok about it for now. It didn't take me long and after a few struggles with the code not looking right, I can say I am now happy with it. Or happier. Or at least content... for now. By no means, I'm not done, I'm never done.  There's things I'm not happy with, I got a few more tweaking to do, but the big code is mostly done. So basically I'm done, but not really. If you see broken links or typos, please bear with me... I'm under construction. I'll eventually notice them. ;-)

So until I get the next crazy To Do thought comes up, I am looking forward to doing lots of writing this year. In my shiny new blog. YES! I am ready and as long as these crazy thoughts keep on coming, I'm gonna keep on writing. 

Happy Blogging from my new Blog! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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