My Macbook Pro

This is actually my fourth laptop and I have now used it long enough to love it more than just mere first sight.  Things inside this machine just work and work so smoothly.  I'm not going to lie when I say the thought of returning it didn't cross my mind right at the beginning, because it did.  If I'm not completely "in love" with something then I don't want it.  It's not that I'm ungrateful, on the contrary, I just don't like to have unnecessary (wasteful) things around me.  If I don't need it, I don't need to have it.

For the first weeks I did some extensive, every day, as much as I could, playing around with it until I finally one day it just sink in:  Yep, I'm keeping it! There was no going back, I was in love with everything that was great about it and gotten used to everything that wasn't.
  1. The Outside is Durable.  The silver case looks very resistant but I have not tested it for scratches or drops yet but since I have kids I probably will sooner than later.  So far it's been holding on pretty decent although I'm careful with it but it feels kinda like the outside of my iPhone 5S. I really like the durability in a product since I am usually careful with my things, I want them to last.  I've had a Lenovo with a Titanium case before and boy was it sturdy.  While this is not Titanium, people claim to be sturdy, I'm gonna trust their word for now until I find out on my own.  One odd thing is that is gets stone cold when it sits charging or snoozing. I noticed this the first time I got it from the UPS guy but I thought it was because it had been sitting in the delivery truck in the cold weather all day.  Turns out, it gets stone cold while sleeping then warms up while in use. It also has a cool sound when you wake it from sleep.  Let's not forget the lit up apple on the screen. Just awesome!
  2. The Keyboard and Trackpad.  I love me a smooth and fast keyboard and this one has it.  I'm a big writer and having a smooth keyboard is a must for me.  It's almost effortless to write in it. The trackpad is absolutely wow and is lit up so that's very useful at night.  I always hated to use a trackpad on my other laptops before as they were so annoying and clumsy that I always had to have a mouse attached to it.  Not anymore! Now it's just this keyboard and trackpad. The shortcuts on the trackpad are what makes it so useful and easy to use and it kinda reminds me of a cell phone screen.  Pinch and zoom, drag screen with three fingers, flip between software pages swiping across and all that good stuff, that the workflow becomes so much faster because of these shortcuts. Apple made it to where you don't need a mouse. Every day I learn a new one. See more here: OS X Keyboard Shortcuts 
  3. The OS just flows. I love this so much, the effects of opening folders or changing between opened software it's beautiful. I know these are  the little things but the simplicity and cleanness of the OS is ideal for me and it's just my personal taste. It is so aesthetic that it's a pleasure to use. I mean really, have you seen what Windows 8 looks like? It's about the ugliest thing that's ever happened to Windows. The dark bold colors are just an eyesore. I actually look forward to opening my MBP and immersing myself in my writing that I just didn't do in my old huge clunky hp laptop.  My old hp was not a joy to use, it was new but it was too big and cumbersome.  I like things that fit my personality and this one does, it's perfect for what I need it to do. While I still don't know how to use it at it's fullest, I am getting the hang of it more every and finding it more useful every day.
  4. All my Electronics are now in Sync!  If I can say one main reason I wanted a Mac has to be this one.  I know with Microsoft now their stuff is in sync also but that's the thing, you have to have their stuff, I don't.  I have Apple stuff and since I have an iPhone 5S (in gooold) and an iPad, naturally I needed a place for my photos to sync into. It's simply great that I take a photo with my iPhone and is a moment is also in my Macbook and iPad through iCloud.  While iPhoto does great at grabbing my iCloud photos and I tend to keep it running to do so, I find myself using Picasa a lot. Again, it's what I'm used to but also find it easier to use. 
  5. Portability and Use. Since I got the Macbook with a 1TB HD, it is not the lightest thing in the world, however, I can hold it with one hand and that's something that was impossible with my old laptop.  I like that it's light enough I can take it with me around the house and if I have a thought I can just write it in where ever I am.  It's always on and ready to go so it's not a hassle of waiting for it to power on.  This is definitely the main reason I wanted it and it is delivering.  I find myself writing a lot more now which is awesome.  I have not uploaded any camera photos in it yet as I'm waiting on a  new external HD, I can't comment on this yet.  I have Lightroom 5 ready to begin editing my photos also wherever I do. 
Surely there are some things I don't like right?  But of course.  These are things I wish could be better.  
  1. THE BATTERY! If there ever was a sucky battery, this one has it.  It's supposed to have 7 hours of battery but I don't think I go 5 hours and it's a goner. Well, I've never let it gone dry completely to test this so maybe I should. I don't like the battery so much so that it is the main reason my mind keeps thinking "you should've gone with the flash drive!."  Sure there are apps that make the mac suck juice faster than others but either way, its use of battery is reminiscent of an old worn out laptop I used to have.  Plan on charging it up at least twice a day but I always do when I'm not using it. The good thing is that it has a very long charger cord and a magnetic plug that even if you are charging, it does not get in the way.
  2. The lack of Software I am used to.  While Apple software and apps are not good, they just aren't great or even many.  First off the iLife software that came with the new macbook are pretty entry level.  I am just not impressed. First thing to do is run to get a copy of Office for Mac, really you NEED it.  So consider this might be your next expense: getting your old software you like in Mac format. This is not a biggie since I already knew this from the beginning.  At least I am happy they make most of my favorite software in Mac OS now and the ones that don't, maybe they will soon.
  3. The Fear of the "WHAT IF".  I'm in the "I am so new I don't trust it yet", kinda stage.  What if it just dies for no reason and I lose all my work?  What if I don't need the 1 TB I paid extra for or should've I gone with the flash drive? Blah, blah, blah. All these thoughts torment me and don't let me sleep at night.  Ok, not really but the unknown is scary.  I had to go with something I'm used to and the HD is it, yes even though it's not as great as the new Flash Drives in terms of speed and lightness.  Some claim MacBooks last 3-5 years so I'm hoping this is true.  I've always been good with my old laptops, seriously, I still have all my three previous laptops, including my very first IBM laptop with Windows 98 in it. So Vintage! I love it.
  4. Where are my Photos??!!! Surely this has got to be the worst feature for me.  It is just annoying.  Why can't I organize my photos where I want to? While you can with iPhoto, all my photos are scrambled around! They are hardly in order and that's frustrating. This is a bit of a drag but only iPhoto knows where my photos are or how they are organized. If you use iPhoto and the folders feature, I'm finding it easier to organize my photos.  See, it's all about getting used to this OS. I have now learned to make my own Pictures folder which I organize my photos how I like.  iPhoto is for my iCloud photos and my own folder for my photos. I figured out a way to around this little problem.  Ah, still so much to learn.
  5. I Miss what I am used to.  One of the first things I did was download Google Chrome cause really, Safari is junk!  I just can't possibly find myself using Safari if that's all I could use.  Again did I mention Apple software stinks?  For me anyways.  You can only miss what you're used to and I was used to Office software and chrome.  One big bummer, Windows Live Writer is out of the question for me.  I just can't find a decent blogging software or App for mac.  I just can't.  I find myself blogging the old primitive way, through the blogger website.  #OLDSCHOOL 
If I miss Windows so much then why did I keep it, it's obvious -- I fell in love with my Mac.  It's like a partner, it may not be perfect but what is good about it, is just TOO good to let go.  I have a home PC and I am NOT giving that up.  I probably would never buy an iMac, t's just not ideal for my situation and my work environment.  I need everything that Windows has to offer when it comes to business. I have too many expensive software to even consider trying to make the switch.  I mean really, Numbers is no Excel and Email is no Outlook. I can now see why people are hard to change from Windows to Mac. If I didn't have my home pc to go back to, I would not have keep this.  On the other hand, this Macbook Pro is perfect for my personal use and that's just how I wanted it.

This is pretty much a very primitive review, more like my personal reasons why I kept it over the other PC laptops out there. Only time and a lot more use will tell if it's durable but I already find it extreme useful.  In a year or so I will check back in to see how well it's holding up. So if you want a laptop that is simple and beautiful and syncs all your information for you and you have an iPhone, then this is definitely a must own.  Just like I don't regret getting an iPad, or my iPone, this just feels like my trio is now complete.  You can't have one without the other, it's the Yin to their Yang, they were made to be together and now they are. Apple is right, they make products you didn't even know you needed, until you buy it and they wonder how did you ever did without it.

MY SPECS: After much deliberation, I went for the Macbook Pro, 1 TB HD, 8 GB Ram and i7 processor.  I am pretty happy with my upgrades but I have to say one major issue was the SSD vs HD feature.  I don't really care about the retina display so it was not important to me, but the HD was a major issue for me.  I like memory! The new flash drives are meant to be faster and better but like everything new, they are very pricy.  I just don't feel like running out of memory in a few month? This Macbook Pro is meant to be a workhorse and for that I needed the 1TB HD so I went with what I'm used to and down the line I will upgrade. I mean my daughter is more than ready to take it off my hands when I need to. She's so helpful!

If anything else, my macbook pro has made me a better writer but because I write more.  I may not use it much for editing my photos yet, but when it comes to my writing, oh boy it has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined.  And for this, I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I'm so glad I found my perfect laptop match that I've been needing so much and didn't even know it. :)

Happy Macbook Shopping!


Update 1/14/2014:  I actually found a way to edit my iCloud photos in Lightroom! If you go through the usual "Import" steps through LR, you will NOT find the iCloud folder anywhere and this was just soo annoying.  I had no idea how to edit iCloud photos until I did some research and turns out, it's not hard... like AT ALL. Yay for that! :) All you ave to do is just drag the thumbnails from iPhoto straight onto your LR's icon in the Dock. That opens the usual import dialog window. Click "Import" and you're done. This will import images with all the adjustments you made in iPhoto. For some reason, Lr has to be closed for this to work but it's so easy.  Then you can also Copy photos to one of your photos folder you made (Lightroom for example) or just leave them where they are and just Export to your folder and you're done, edit away till your heart's content.
Eeeek, I'm actually so happy I found this out. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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