Johnny Manziel is Going Pro

And there you have it.  After months of speculation indicating that Johnny Manziel might leave College Station after two seasons as the starter, Johnny Football has done just that. In a statement released Wednesday afternoon to The 12th Man, the now-former Texas A&M confirmed the inevitable by announcing that he has decided to make himself available for the NFL draft in May. Manziel said his decision “was not an easy one” and that it came after consultation with “family, friends, teammates and coaches.”

In a phone conversation with, Manziel acknowledged “I feel very relieved” now that the decision has been made and that “[i]t’s a weight off my shoulders.” Still, the NFL question was never far from his mind, especially with tweets like “Bull**** like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station. Whenever that may be. Reminding, everyone to enjoy Manziel while they still could.

Manziel leaves A&M with a slew of school records, a Heisman Trophy and consensus 2012 All-American honors — his 2013 season wasn't bad, either — along with a ton of credit for making the Aggies transition from the Big 12 to the SEC as wildly successful as it was.  Manziel also, whether you like him or not, leaves college football a poorer sport because he’s no longer a part of it. I know this Aggie's fan is going to miss him.

Now the big question everyone is asking is, "should the Houston Texans, with the first draft pick, choose him?" I say, of course! The Texans need him not just because he's a great QB but because he's great at energizing the crowd and we all know the Texan fans are pretty sour right now. People talking about "Let's not waste money on him?" Please! He's worth every penny. Just look how much money he did for A&M. They're even getting a new stadium because of him. He's a Heisman winner and knows how to score but he can't do it all on his own. He had the worst defense of the season and still managed to score that crazy record. When the team helped him, he made miracles happen. He's awesome just to watch, you never know what he'll do next and whoever gets him will be VERY lucky. He's "Johnny Football", already a legend and he doesn't need the Texans to prove what he's already accomplished. He's only getting better so I say get him while you can, Houston! :)

 Oh and by the way... It's not like the Texans can get any worse really. Johnny Manziel doesn't need the Texans, the Texans, we need him. :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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