If I Could Live My Life Over Again

Playing a board game with the family, I came upon this card that I had to answer - honestly.  While it caught me off guard, I have to say it had me thinking all day about it.  
"If I could live my life over again ..."
Hmm, of course I WOULD DO IT ALL THE SAME AGAIN and here's why. As I read this card and I looked around the table I saw my husband and three daughters.  We are all together happy and playing board games.  We forget about the world, the pressures, the stress, the deadlines, the schedules, the routine, the worries... they all vanish.  When we are together and happy, nothing else matters.  What more could I ever want? A triple caramel latte maybe.

How much have I gone through to get my family where it is now?  Well, actually, a lot.  But has it been worth it?  OF COURSE, EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I will never forget what my mother once told me: "You want your family? Take it." And that's what I did.  Through the hard times, I worked even harder to have what I always dreamed of.  Most of the times it's not easy, some times it's extremely hard, but I always did what I could to keep my family.  I know I've gone through everything to get where I am now, why would I want to go back? Bon Jovi said it best: "I can promise you tomorrow, but I can't buy back yesterday." 

I don't regret much in my past. (Maybe a couple of things here and there that I didn't do.) I've been married going on 16 years (in February 14) and I can't think of one day I would take back. I still remember the day when I asked myself if I would ever regret not going to my graduation party one day, I said to myself "I will NOT regret this decision because I know there was no other choice."

Would I do it all over again? YES. Do I want to? NOT EVER.  If I knew what I know now and could do it all over again, there's only one thing I would tell myself:  "Don't sweat the small stuff, things will get better".  The sad thing is that I can't go back but I can learn from my past.  If I believe my past is indicative of my future, then things will be ever better.  That's an awesome inspiration, at least for me.  I have three daughters and husband that I love with all my heart and I am looking forward to having so many more happy moments together. I don't want to look to the past, I want to look to the future.

No, I don't want a RE-DO.  I am ready for what is ahead in my life because there's nothing I would do any different. I love my family now the way it is and that's all that matters.  :)


LGF :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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