What if happy new year begins not so happy

Starting the New Year with someone trying to bum your spirit should not be indicative of what's to come, but rather of what obstacles you will overcome throughout the year.  Sure there will always be "people" who will try to bring you down in the most inappropriate times but we cannot let them take over our peace. I had such experience on New Year's Eve. Yes, no matter how happy I was, there's always a cry baby wanting to ruin our spirits. Of course they "apologize" later but it's too late. It's only New Years Eve once.
What I did learn though is to overcome that sour moment and look forward to what's to come. I hate when I make plans and get mountains but hey, that's life. I am very optimistic of this year though, maybe a little too much but it just sounds soo good doesn't it? 2014So I did the best I could and handled the situation. 

With the help of the Texas A&M Aggies winning the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and some cool fireworks and a margarita, I was super psyched for the New Year's Eve. Then things got uncomfortable right after the New Years. I learn- quick, from my upsets and get up again. Like Kattie Perry said: "I got the eye of the tiger..."

So here I am feeling a bit hung over and looking forward to one amazing year 2014. So if your year began no so cool like mine, don't get discouraged but we should look forward to some amazing days and months coming up the rest of the year. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR DAY my friends!!!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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