BCS Championship 2014

This game started on the Auburn side for the first half, winning at 21-10. Winston from Florida State won the Heisman trophy but to me, he didn't begin playing like it for the first half.  He seemed slow to react, bad throws, got sacked, intercepted and also fumbled.  Not what I thought the Heisman trophy winner should play like. I mean, he was no Johnny Manziel for sure. Auburn just played more aggressive and always seemed in control.  I didn't watch a single Florida game during the entire season but as the #1 team and with the Heisman trophy winner, I expected them to play better than they did.  On the other hand I got to see Auburn play quite a bit this season and boy was I impressed.  Many times they got lucky with miracle plays and other times they just out played even the best of teams, Ahem, Alabama. Don't get me started on the most upsetting game of the season.  What a crazy ride that was!
Then comes the second half.  I'm not sure if they drank their Redbull on halftime but they got wings and began to play like Champions.  What seemed like the impossible, they made that happen.  Reminiscent of A&M vs. Duke on the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl on New Years eve.  They came back from a 21 point deficit on halftime and won.  WOW, WOW, WOW.  That was one incredible game.  It was stressful but awesome.  Manziel did for A&M what Winston did for Florida State.  They made miracles happen. They always stayed collected with their mind on the price and never, I mean with seconds remaining on the clock scored the winning touchdown, never gave up.   

Thank you Auburn for another team that seemed like they could do nothing but miracles happen.  They beat all other major teams out there and although they had a very very strong first half of the game, they came short on the second half.  As it too often happens when a team gets excited in the beginning, they come back to make mistakes costing them the game. It was such a close game.  I mean SO CLOSE, it had me biting my nails at the last seconds of it.  What a ride Auburn and Florida took us through and for that they should be very proud.  They put on an incredible show.

CONGRATULATIONS Florida State! What an amazing game and you definitely showed you were the best team of the night.  Things started up rocky for ya but then the miracles started to happen. These are the wins that fans never forget and unfortunately so are the loses.  I know I've been there, and they hurt. What a win for Florida and what an almost win for Auburn. To me it seems as though neither lost, both were so close to winning, this game could've gone both ways. The clock just went out but the game was incredible.  Auburn was unstoppable so that it seemed like Florida did the impossible, something no other team could this season. They borrowed Auburns lucky plays and scored that last final second touchdown. I have enjoyed every single game of this season and am completely looking forward to the following season.

On another news... GOODBYE BCS! College Football Playoff is set to replace the BCS or the Bowl Championship Series. The new College Football Playoff will begin with the 2014-15 season and feature the top four teams. The new postseason format will create two national semifinals to be played New Year's Day, with the winners advancing to play for the National Championship on January 12. This will be an exciting format as I never quite understood why, for example, Alabama #3 got to play on a Bowl game vs. an 11th ranked team.  It was all just so confusing, hopefully this will help a bit.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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