The Alabama v Auburn Iron Bowl 2013

The Biggest WTF Moment in College Football

I can hardly believe it myself if I hadn't lived it or seen it with my own eyes.  I wake up this morning and it all seems like a big UGLY nightmare.  Who would've predicted or even imagined the game would end like it did. WHO? No body.  The ending of yesterday's game was so surreal that anyone in their right mind could've thought of it.  An Alabama 57 yard missed field goal returned by Auburn for a 100 yard touchdown with 1 second remaining? NAAAH. But that's exactly what happened. 

We know the how it happened but Why?  Alabama was number 1 the whole entire season only to make such rookie mistake.  It was a 57 yard field goal... very much likely could fall short and there was one man right under waiting to catch it if it did.  Where was Alabama defense  running towards him to tackle? Where? Why was there no one running towards him? Why didn't they plan for that? Were they in shock like I was? There were a couple of men who tried to run for him but were too big to catch him.  He is a running back, that's what he does, he has speed and that's all he needed.

A rookie mistake cost Alabama the SEC championship and the BCS National Championship.  Gone.  Out the window! My mind keeps reliving the moment over and over again and the news cant get enough of it too so they're not helping. It's sad and depressing for me, I can only imagine what the day is like for die hard Alabama fans out there.

Not fair really.  I know the feeling too well when A&M lost to LSU and our dreams of the championship went out the window.  A very sad and depressing day.  Then came the Auburn loss and now last night the Missouri loss.  Yes, once the losses come they don't stop.  Tell that to the Houston Texans, 9 losses in a row and we're still trying.  

But at one point the losses stop hurting and just get over it but maybe it's just for me because Bragging Rights are never ending in the state of Alabama.  Fierce rivals from the start they thrive in each other's greatness and failures.  They don't just rub each other's wounds, they lick them sprinkle some salt and pour a bunch of lemon on it. That's just what they do. Their team is their pride and joy and manhood.

THE HEISMAN, well that's out the window for McCarren and Manziel now.  That must really hurt, I know it still hurt us too but we are getting over it. Nothing like broken dreams to begin our December.  We need cheering up in this family so today I think I'm putting up the Christmas trees. Ah but that's College Football for ya and that's why we love it, we never know what's going to happen. Some go happy and some go crying, that's just the way it is and we wouldn't have it any other way. :) 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas