Thankful For My Family

My babygirl’s Christmas photos have never looked more beautiful and I never more proud.  I have gotten so many compliments on how much my girls have grown and all are true.  They are my pride and joy and this year they have made the most change that I've ever seen.  I can see it in my Litto One who is close to be two years old, Camila who began school this year and has learned so much and is sweet as ever and specially, SPECIALLY my oldest daughter Sophia.  Sophia's change is in a class of its own. 

I can literally look back just one year ago and see such an enormous change in her physically and mentally.  There's been struggles but I have never stopped talking to her and guiding her in all the huge struggles almost-a-teen goes through. 

I can’t remember my 10th or 11th or even 12th year much but one thing is certain, I did NOT have a struggle whatsoever.  I was a KID! I was a little girl with no a care in the world and a newborn little sister.  That’s what consumed my time, that’s what was exciting in my life… I had a little sister! Other than that I didn’t really struggle with personal stuff, if I did I just can’t remember it.  It just wasn’t that important.  

BUT NOW? Everything is a big deal.  I am in the struggle to teach her and remind her she IS 11 and as an 11 year old she should enjoy this time.  Two things are for certain at this age, it will not last long and it will not matter later.  They feel they are NOT kids but hey are not GROWN up either, they are more or less just floating around in limbo.  They feel they are not given the attention they deserve nor taken as serious as they should be.  I always take my kids serious but when the demands are OUT OF THE QUESTION, it will be met with a resounding NO.

I’m sure there are things every parent says no to or at least should say no to.  To me, NO and that’s final is only reserved for the major things and I always mean it.  Makeup for example, that’s a resounding NO at this age.  Revealing clothing, that’s another scream at the top of my lungs huge heck NO. Inappropriate bullying of smaller siblings.  NO IN MY LIFE.  See, I grew up in a household where the elder sibling always got the remote or other junk like that.  Yes, i know now those were silly things but at the time it wasn’t the item but how my mother’s quick “decision” made me feel.  I thought that maybe I was little so maybe I wasn’t as important?  I did not like that decision my mother made on a whim to maybe prevent a fuss and I totally get her now, but still as that young age, that never settled right with me.  So I did what any decent parent would do and I brought that life lesson with me to try to never let my smaller children feel less. Just because they are smaller they never get less credit.  Not a chance!  In my household everyone get a chance to state their claim and be their own judge and I, as the all powerful Overlord decides who is most at fault and pass judgement accordingly.  Sometimes I take this parenting a little too serious i think. :) 

So through my new and exciting struggle I now face with a NOT teen who thinks she should be, I say I feel absolutely blessed. My young lady is growing though an amazing time in her life and I am honored to be part of it.  I know this time is very important for her as it was for me even though mine came years later so it’s difficult for me to understand, she’s 11!  Anyway, it’s still very important and I will try my best to understand none the less.  These are moments and a time she will never forget and neither will I.  This year got a little rocky in the beginning but I know things will settle down next year. She’s still my little girl on the inside and I cannot take that for granted.  My Sophie still believes in Santa and that’s all the hope I need for now. 

Santa, please make her wish come true! 

My Camila girl is definitely at the sweetest and most lovable time she will ever be.  Like EVER.  Hugs and kisses are by the hour, cards and drawings are on the daily.  She has so much love to give, I am absolutely filled with all the love I can get right now.  She fills our heart with so much joy and tenderness and I feel completely blessed she is a happy girl.  She began school this year and she is learning so much and I am so proud of her development.  I could’t be happier for her and it’s been a great year that Santa already got her note for Christmas.  She is expecting pixie dust so she can fly a unicorn!  Imagine that? With these kinds of dreams who wouldn’t want to keep sleeping? :)

The “terrible twos” are fast approaching my household once again.  It seems like Marina is coming very well equipped for that and a little early at that.  I don’t know if I have a bad memory but I don’t remember my other two being so fussy and clingy.  I know I shouldn’t say it this early but I can’t help it.  My child psychology background will not let me rest in this area.  I will continue to monitor and make her feel more in control of her self and her tantrums so they don’t turn into something else.  She is struggling with speech and attachment issues and while this is kind of normal at her age, I just don’t want my girls to go undetected or under the radar.  If they need something, I will always do my best to help early.  She is a MOMMY girl for sure at this time and while a huge blessing for me, my back is not taking it so well.  I am managing but the feeling that I am everything to this little girl completely immerses me in absolute happiness.  She says “MA” a thousand times a day and I know this too will be a memory in the past soon so I will enjoy it as much as I can.  She feels safe in my arms and my happiest moments are when I hold her in my arms and we dance together to the song she chooses on the radio. As long as she's in my arms she is happy and our most precious moments as well.

Thank you Lord for my three blessings and my husband.  They are so much more than I could’ve every DREAMED of.  You knew what was inside my heart and without asking you provided and I am grateful every single day of my life.  I promised you I would do the best that I could as a mother and wife and I hope I am making you happy and proud. We prepare to celebrate your birth as this is the most important day of the whole entire year, we look back in astonishment at everything you provided for us this year.  We are blessed because you are in our lives and in our hearts.  Our family has never been closer and more loving and giving and for this I am eternally thankful for every single day. 

We all have our reasons to be thankful for this holiday season and this quote says it best:

“The best gift under any christmas tree is a happy family all wrapped up in each other’s arms” 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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