Review: Flutterbye Fairy by SpinMaster

If this was my five year old daughter's review, she would say that you should TOTALLY buy this! This review is about the Flutterbye Fairy by SpinMaster.

I'm not going to lie when I say I was kind of scared when I read the Amazon reviews on this little gadget.  Amazon reviews like, "beware of The Death Fairy!" and "Junk, do not buy, it never works" almost made me cancel this Santa's wish but I have to say, I am glad I gave it a GO and Santa delivered. You can find it in Amazon here and the prices vary: Flutterbye Flying Fairy

This is actually FUN!  I don't know if the other reviewers didn't use new batteries when charging her, or didn't charge her long enough or was defective but we mustn't gotten lucky. Our fairy just worked and it worked so good, it was my daughter's favorite toy this Christmas!  Our fairy fluttered and hovered just like in their video and my daughter guided it with her hands. While it also hurled towards one of us at times but that's what was actually the funniest thing about it.  Nothing like having a fairy hurling towards your kid's head to make you have a good laugh. No really, I'm a great parent! :)

While it may not work perfectly at times, it is thrilling to see this thing go whirling off and smack the walls and furniture and my little girl's faces was priceless. Although it better not smack my chicken figurines or I'll go smacking her!  This actually had my girls rolling with laughter. The smacking into things may be the reason this thing is so sturdy. It has actually survived many crashes so I can't say it is cheaply made.

Maybe I got lucky but when this thing works, it's so fun to watch.  The best part is not when it works perfectly but when it doesn't!  My girl's laughing so hard when it starts chasing one of us is hilarious. I can't believe I'm saying this but it's true. Please do be careful though. Reading all the cautionary reviews helped since I knew what to expect, I had my girls ready to take cover when this thing started fluttering.

FOUR STARS. Do I regret buying this, NO. Would I buy it again: YES. While a bit more expensive than I would've liked to, who cares, it was Santa that bought it right? At least that's what my daughter said. I can say I got lucky or whatever, but it was a worthy item.  The fun is there and you have to take it for what it is, just another toy that will be really fun for a really short time. Welcome to my world!  But this is as much as you can ask for a toy nowadays. Be safe and have fun or the fairy will get you! Pardon the mess, it was Christmas morning. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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