Merry Christmas 2013

Before you know it, THE ONE day we look forward to all year is now over.  The planning, the anguish and torture of the shopping and hoping and praying they like what they get. Ugh yes, it's dreadful. I'm the kind of girl who dreads shopping, well, at least shopping for others that is.  What's so dreadful is the stress of finding what they really want and hoping we don't disappoint them. Seeing their happy faces on Christmas morning is priceless to us and we always do our best to make their day memorable.  Believe me, it gets harder and harder every year but it depends on their age. The older they get, the harder it gets.  This year was so much easier though when it came to the shopping.  I do have to give one big Thanks to Amazon which has made my shopping for Christmas so much easier.  NO more driving around like crazy to find that one thing they really want.  No more super long lines and chasing crazy sales just to get what we need.  Now there's Amazon Lightning Deals which is pretty awesome, I gotta admit. It's almost too easy to shop at great deals these days.

So anyways, reading around the internet, I came across the idea of what is the one thing we love the most on this holiday?  Well, this was easy for me, I am a photographer so obviously it was photos and the memories. But what about the mom actually being IN the holiday family photos? Not likely, I hardly ever do this since I am "the photographer" of the family, which means I am never on the family event photos.  While this sucks for me, I do love to get the photos as nice as I can. I mean really, it's what I live for.  But this year, I came across the idea of doing this for my children's memories too.  Who wouldn't want their mom to be in their Christmas photos? Well, in all sincerely, I know I would! So I gave it a shot or several... literally.
Yes, it's morning and we look like hobos with crazy hair in our pjs, but it's just what Christmas morning really was like.  Just us acting goofy and enjoying each other and the precious moments and I'm in almost every photo, so this is kinda embarrassing. The gifts, the mess, the family and being so appreciative of having each other in our lives.  This is what it was about. These moments will never come again but I have them in these photos to cherish forever! What can I give my girls that will mean more than anything when they are older?  The barbie they got won't mean anything, but these moments captured will mean everything.
Since my Mark 5D does not have a timer, I got a wireless remote and I set up my camera on a tripod as wide as I could, set it to manual focus and just hoped for the best. Really, these little things are so cheap that I don't know why I didn't get one before! AmazonBasics has a wireless remote that's like $8 on Prime. Eight dollars for family photos that finally includes me? Heck yeah! I have to admit it worked pretty good and the range worked perfect from across the room like I needed it.  Lighting was awful so obviously grain and blur were everywhere and even had a huge lamp aimed straight at the side of my face but what the heck, I got these priceless moments and I was actually in them!  What more could I ask for?  Maybe if I had fixed my hair and better posing and outdoor light?  haha Tough luck, this was no photo shoot, it was just family time! :)
What I am grateful for, though, are these moments and memories that are priceless to me now and will be to them later.  I am grateful my family was happy and we were blessed together with each other's lives.  My girls got what they wanted and I got what I wanted more than anything.
"There is no better gift under any Christmas tree than a happy family wrapped up in each other's company." 
This was my gift! My family.  Thank you Jesus for what you did and continue to do for us in our lives.  Word just cannot explain what you mean to us and mean to each other.  You have blessed us with the biggest love of all because you are in our hearts.  We are and forever will be grateful.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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