Just merely my humble opinion.

While I mean no disrespect in this issue both ways, this is merely my humble opinion, I do feel this whole thing was taken out of proportion.  I know as the internet we feel we must voice our opinions for or against it and make a strong enough argument that you win.  Well, this issue is not about winning. Nobody ever really does.  I do like that there is conversation but we can only hope it's more or less civilized, but that's it, we can just hope. 

I don't believe Mr. Phil Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty ever imagined all this would come from his statement, as fame is not something he is after.  He's got plenty of it as it is and let's face it, he's no Miley Cyrus. We can just assume he is speaking his honest mind as his raising thought him and never once seemed to me as a hateful person.  He was interviewed and gave his opinion as most of us would and that is it.  I know it's hard to go about this life nowadays without stepping on somebody's foot.  What I find funny though is that If you are wild and crazy bad publicity is good publicity but if you're conservative you get fired.

Oh but hat's the double faced media for you.  We never can overpower it.  While I consider myself in the middle more than left and right and with kids, I find it hard to connect with any of the shows floating around these days.  Too often so much trash gets shoved down our throats that is makes me sick.  I know for a fact hate should never be tolerated and as I've been called a tree hugger once or twice, I do practice love for all humanity.  Our country still has quite a way to go before everyone feels they are treated the same and as a raised Catholic, I know in my heart we have to keep trying. The way you feel about yourself is the way you feel you are being treated by others.

What we believe is right and what is wrong are still very much a part of everyone’s raising and nobody is going to change anyone else's mind.  I was raised in a traditional old fashioned home and I'm proud of it and it's something I want to teach my children to do. I'm not hatin' on anyone's lifestyle, it's just the way I am and was raised. Period. You have the right to be as you are just as much as I do. You can't change me, I don't want to change you and this is what I always teach my girls. While I can say I am way cooler than my parents though, I still want my children to experience a bit of what I did and learn from my background.  I can only do the best of what I feel is right for my children.  
While this is the biggest news of the day, it also happens to come at the worst possible time.  It’s Christmas week, come on!  While it did give me a break from all my Christmas shopping, I don't like my deep rooted believes ruffled up. Christmas is about our old fashioned believes, the ones I hold on to dearly and our most important day of the year.  This was just not good timing really.  

Now it remains to be seen what comes from this.  We state our opinion and we move on and this too will get boring soon.  I know he meant to retire soon so maybe they did him a favor. Did Phil have the right to state his opinion, yes, just as we all do.  Did A&E have the right to do what they did, yes, at least legally.  Did the Internet have the right to go ROAR, but of course, it's what we do. At the end of it all, when you become a parent you see things so differently. I know I have. The only thing that matters to me is that I like to now I got a good grounded foundation to start my life on and I can only hope to do this much for my children.   Anything else just doesn't matter.

And with this, I continue with my Christmas planning. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas