Goodbye 2013... A Year in Review.

There used to be a time when New Years was my least favorite day of the year.  I hate saying Goodbye until I learned to say... To Be Continued.  This gives me the hope of better things to come and not that the best is over.  I leave 2013 with the best feeling in the world that it was a much better year than I could've ever imagined.  With the "unlucky" number 13, I was kinda skeptical but actually things turned out pretty awesome!

Where do I begin?! Let's see, Camila turned 5 and began Kinder this year. Marina had her first birthday and began to walk. Sophia turned 11 and had a pretty awesome birthday "Cinco de Mayo" theme party. More than I could've ever dreamed of because so many family members showed up. This was awesome!

Travel: This has to be one of my favorite part of the year. Going to visit family members and going to visit special places is always something we look forward to. We went to visit my family at my hometown of Brownsville and also to Gary's hometown in Alabama.
We went to both the beach and also deep in the woods. It seems we had a little bit of both worlds this year. I have to say going camping at the beach has to be my favorite part. There's nothing like waking up to the sound of the waves to make for some memorable moments. Halloween was fun, Thanksgiving with my family again was amazing and the Christmas was more than I could've dreamed of. 

I say thank you to my Lord for blessing us this year more than I could ask for. We make it to the end of this year healthy and happy and this makes 2013 pretty amazing right there. We have high hopes and plans for 2014 and wish with all my heart for an even better year. 

My life to be continued...
Adios 2013....
Hola 2014!!!!!!!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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