Traveling Fun Day

Traveling with family is chaotic when we're in a rush, otherwise not so much. Lucky for me this trip was calm and peaceful and I have three iPhones, an iPad and one three hour nap to thank for that. My girls were angels the whole way. 
Gary drove half way and I drove half so getting help was a nice welcome. I'm used to driving the whole way here so this was pretty awesome. Right when the whole 6 hour trip begins to feel overwhelming, we began to see palm trees. That's the signal there's only about 50 minutes left. That's all the glimpse of home we need to keep going. It actually gets us in a good mood because the "we're almost there" finally turns into a reality. And God know I get a million of those for the whole 6 hours!

My mom always has a welcome meal for us and this time was no different, but my craving hubby had another idea in mind. A Parrillada it was! It was delicious as always and it was the first meal I got to enjoy with my parents. Happy memories. 

I don't know what else is in store for our Thanksgiving trip but all I know is that it goes by way too fast. I just got here and before you know it I'll be leaving. I don't come often, maybe if I'm lucky twice a year so these moments are quite a treasure to me. I enjoy them to the very end and they always leave me wanting more. I am so thankful we have arrived safely! It's good to be home!!! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas