Happy Halloween

What can I say other than I am completely in love with these amazing little moments! She cared nothing about taking picture because candy was the only thing on her mind but I'm glad I got these. This outfit is definitely going in her museum box and definitely making an enlargement of this collage. I didn't manage any 5D photos from her but at least my little Canon Powershot saved me! :) 
The Family! What does a witch, an Indian, a cadet, Wonderland queen and little red riding hood have in common? Absolutely nothing but we made it work. :) I love this moment. 

I have no idea how we all came with our costumes but it was mostly just by personal choice. We hardly can agree on one thing so we each did our own thing. Whatever it was, I loved it because we all had fun with it and that's all that matters. 

This year I skipped the trick or treating and stayed in to give out candies. I had my strobe light full blast, so if they wanted candy, they were gonna have to go through a seizure or two just to get it. I was an evil witch, remember. I had to my thing. ;)
And finally no Halloween is finished without the good 'ol "checking of the candy bag" routine that only Good Parents do. Here to demonstrate how it's done, one of the best parents at this. Daddy Frith, doing what he does best, raiding the candy bag. :)

Happy Halloween 2013! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas