Need More ME Time.

There's no worst feeling then being sick but being sick and tending to a family of 5 is something else. I consider myself a sickly person by nature. Since I was a little girl I would catch every cold anyone ever had and had heart problems only old people did. I would become nauseous and vomit at the smell of gasoline or vehicle exhaust. I was weak and frail and gaining weight was unthinkable. I was a very picky eater!

Yeah that was then and my childhood was boring and all and I've gotten over some of those things like the gaining weight part. I'm good in that department but other things not so much. I still get every cold my kids bring home to me! Ugh and that's not something I can brag about. 

Why is my immune system still so junkie? I do my best really. I eat healthy and exercise and always active but still get sick? I guess some things never change but I'm just grateful my girls did not take after me. 

Oh it's called stress! Yup that must be it. I often wonder what I can do to combat that. While living a stress free life is absolutely impossible there are ways to minimize them I guess. 

Take a breather. Yup. Sounds easier said than done but it's something I really gotta work on. I read an article regarding the benefits and importance of taking a simple rest during the day. I need to work on this!

"—many important mental processes seem to require what we call downtime and other forms of rest during the day. Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life."

As parents, professionals and Individuals we are actively seeking to achieve our best performance in each one of those areas. Easier said than done when we have to do all of them at the same time!  If I am cramming, for example, I have to take them by priority. My family first then work and finally if-I-have-time Me. Yup. I get taken to the cleaners like they elegantly put it. No fuss here, I have accepted it as the way it is but then I wonder why I find myself failing miserably, to my standard, on the other "more important" areas. 

Maybe because I have the priority order wrong?! It should me me, family and then work. Yes, I think I sound selfish but at this point in my life I've  learned through many bouts of sick days that unless I feel my best I will perform my best. Plain and simple. The better I feel, the better my mental energy can take me where I want to be. 
I  can't do the other two without the first one being well taken care of first. Like a tree trunk, the self is our root system. If that's faulty or damaged, the tree will fall. Plain and simple. 

I gotta work on that! I happen to think of trees as great analogies for many things in life and this is no different. Here's to having more ME time. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas