Arrows, BB Guns and Helicopters

We had a fun country day at the ranch today. We got a late start cause someone had a craving for waffles, so fist we had to make a pit stop at Denny's.  Next we headed to the ranch and wound up getting there around 3:30 pm and after we took care of some chores like feedings, it was time to have fun. 
The girls finally playing together is always such a relief. It's great to see them together having fun instead of arguing or complaining they're on each other's "space". What does that even mean anyways? "Mom, she's touching me!" Is a very common complaint around here, to which I like to reply "deal with it!"  
Flying Helicopters was finally possible because of the perfect weather. It was windy and cool! Fall is here and the weather calls for just being outdoors, outdoors and more outdoors! Really, our Fall is slow to get here so we dearly look forward to it. Summer eventually becomes unbearable and enjoying the ranch seems almost impossible. Unless we want to hear whining and complaining, usually by me though, Summer is best spent at the beach. Here in Texas, Spring and Fall is what we look forward too. 
So here she is, dirt Playing. Oh how I remember those days of just playing on the dirt without a care in the world. When we go to the ranch this is a must, play with dirt. If one thing has to be done when we come to the ranch is this: Get as dirty as you can! When we return home I usually see dirty knees, dirty faces and filthy hands. Everything can be washed but the memories and experiences of playing in the dirt, like it should be, are priceless. 
Living in the city does, not nor ever will compare to living in the country. There is no place I'd rather be. Don't get me wrong, it is HARD work to live in the country, but the rewards are peace and quiet, unending memories and above all amazing family time. Nothing brings the family together than when we are in the country. If you don't have access to a country scene or know someone who does, just drive to it. Take your kids and their child's natural love for nature will come to the surface. I know I live in the city with Xboxes and iPhones but when my girls see the open fields and horses and chickens, they throw all their electronics out the window. NOTHING compares to being in the country shooting BB guns and arrows. 
A beautiful closing to a fun day. This is my evening view driving home at night. Seeing this centers me and gives me the peace I need since I know I'll be back to a hectic week. Chores, routine and more chores. Yeah, nothing to look forward to other than knowing it will be get me closer to being back here again soon! :)

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Lorena Frith

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