Happy Birthday Gary!

Gary is 41. He's proud if his age. He has to be after all, he's a male. Males tend to find pride in their age, women not so much, we're another story which is not what this is about. So what was this post about?
Gary's birthday! Oh yeah, It was fun. A nearby County Fair is hosted in the month of September every year and this year it fell right slap in the middle of his birthday week. This was perfect! We made plans and after eating at Red Lobster (which was as dry and tasteless as ever) we made a run towards it. 
We made it there, it was too early and hot so we made another quick run to our ranch (we were full of quick runs) and checked out the new addition to our stock. Our donkey Josie had had a baby! Aww well, she was all kinds of adorable! Check this out!
Than back to the Rodeo we go. This time we got there after six and the weather and time was perfect. It was time to eat as much deep fried food as we possibly could. Then we did the carnival thing and finally the Rodeo. I got some awesome shots from the event but hope to have them up soon. I'll probably link here. 
We were dirty, stinky and absolutely tired. But that's how you know you had fun right? I'm so blessed to have my family in my life. I love them to pieces and couldn't imagine my life without them. The girls are growing up and we are becoming more of a crowd now so everywhere we go we tend to have more fun. And chaos, lots of chaos but mostly fun. ;)
Gary raided every single cotton candy, caramel apple, lemonade, funnel cake and corn dog stand that he could find. It was His day and he was gonna enjoy it. I'm so glad he had a great time and can't wait to do this again!
WE LOVE YOU BABYBOY! Hope you had a Happy Birthday and Maaaany more!!!!!!! :) 

Wait, why am I not in any of these pictures?!!! Oh yeah here I am eating a healthy snack. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas