Getting the Hang of This Thing Called Peace and Quiet

I'm like this crazy can't go to sleep person blogging at almost midnight right now. It's kind of unusual to do this for me being that I've gotten very little sleep this past week and should in theory be passed out by now. Boy has it been a crazy busy week! My girls looked amazing on their first day of school.
First off, the girls started school. I've sorta reconciled with the fact that me and peace-and-quiet can actually get along quite nicely. I had forgotten what that was like. I really had. All I can say is that it's not so bad after all. All my freaking out was pretty intense the first day or so. But then as soon as they both came home, joined hands and teamed up in the "let's see who can make mom pull her hair out faster marathon", I looked forward to the next morning. 
Camila's first day of Kindergarden. A day I will never forget. She was ready to learn and ready to make new friends. :)
Camila wanted a Happy Meal as a reward for her having a good first week of school. :)

I'm handling it like a big girl now. I miss my girls like crazy but I also know they enjoy the break they get from each other. It's nice to come home together after a long day. It's now just Marina and me for half a day which t's not so bad after all. Maybe just a little. Marina is a toddler after all, she comes with her own challenges. The Terrible Twos have kicked in a bit early. :)
After getting settled with missing the girls and getting our home in order, I have plans for kick starting my passion. I really want to work on that and I've gotten some progress. I don't want to lose track because them I feel like I'm miles away and hard to restart. I feel so motivated and can't wait to focus, focus, focus. 
Also want to work on working out. Now I'll have some time for that as well because my health is something I used to put until the end. I've come to realize if I don't pay attention to that every part of me suffers. Even how much I can give. 

With a million things on my mind and another million more to do, I will try to get some rest. Tomorrow is Labor Day and I plan some fun family photos and some yummy food. Then I can focus on the working out part. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas