A frustrated Apple Zombie

So it's pretty messed up that Apple is always in such short supply. They KNOW there will be a High demand, why don't they prepare for it? They do this every single year and today was as worse as it gets. A real cyber slap in the face!
iPhone 5S will go on sale on September 20 they said, right? Wrong! Well, not exactly. I waited past 12 a.m and nothing. Oooh 12 a.m Pacific time. Now I had to do some math... Something I DID NOT want to do when I was half asleep. My half a sleepiness took hold of me 15 minutes before 2 a.m when it was really going on sale. "I'll just get one tiny quick nap" I said. Again, Wrong! I fell asleep for 35 minutes in a blink of an eye. That whole "quick eye shut" doesn't work when you've had an exhausted day and are used to going to sleep at 10pm. Just doesn't work. Needless to say by the time I ran to the computer and frantically refreshed, it was too late. At 2:20 a.m it was far too late! SOLD OUT.

WHY? Why do this? Some people waited in line for hours and some days only to be told the iPhone 5S in Gold was sold out and some had very limited quantities. And by limited quantities I mean only one. I think it's pretty messed up to treat your customers like this www.Apple.com. (Notice the link, as if they care)

This reminds me of a movie I saw this week called WORLD WAR Z. To me that's what all the iPhone aficionados waiting in line looked like. If they could they'd probably ravage each other out of pure anger and frustration, not rabies though. They wanted to but couldn't. It's just not what a Geek does you know, we're decent folk. Even though it's been our dream to hold a shiny gold IPhone since day one of iPhones and then suddenly that dreamed is yanked from our nicely manicured hands? That's still not what we do. We wait.  But still. That's pretty messed up man.. Pretty messed-Up. 
So with my hopes and dreams shattered, all I hold on to is this 'Delivery in Up to 3 weeks' email I got. "Apple gold iPhone 5S, I will see you soon my friend. Real soon."

See, sometimes that's just enough to keep me going. That and that super extra triple strong coffee this morning. It's been a long night. :)

Happy iPhone 5S Hunting Apple Zombies!!!! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas