Unconventional Fourth at Bama

This year we had an unconventional 4th of July celebration. Every year we have a tradition of dressing up, going to our local state park and pigging out in anything from corn on a cob to nachos and funnel cakes and wait around for the firework display around 10pm. It was fun, dressing up and taking photos of my cute girls and all but we were ready for a change. This year turned out differently. A lot different. 
We are out of town in Alabama so after driving around the country side we got an invite for some fireworks and we were all in. Everything turned out great and my girls got to make some new friends and Gary got in touch with some old friends he had not seen in years and played pool with.
We were so happy to have met and seem new and old friends for this year's Fourth of July. It will be a year we will never forget. Thanks to Gary's friends for being so courteous and friendly to us that we had a great time. Wonderful people and lots of laughs... Everything in the South really is more fun. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas