Over the Creek and Through the Woods

Visiting our family in Alabama is always filled with fun in the woods. I like to go hiking once but Gary can go almost every day if he could. I like to limit my fearing for my life encounters to just once per visit. I'm kind of boring that way. 
Manila Alabama is where all the fun/scary stuff happen. Every little rustle in the woods or buzzing of a bee will send me in a crazy frantic run across the woods but I managed. I have the best survivor guide there is, Gary, so my motto always is: "It's ok girls, we'll just blame Gary if something bad happens". That usually calms us down a bit. We like to blame him, we girls stick together. 
I'm not joking when I say Gary was truly born to live this way while I was well, not so much. I like to shop while he likes to kill snakes for fun. Yup, we were born for each other! I like to think of us as completing each other in a weird and awkward way. 
So this time I traded in my high heels for water boots and I had the time of my life. We walked through the woods, drank water from a creek and Gary killed a snake, nothing says FUN like snake leggings. Really. Nothing. :) Go Hiking!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas