Mexico is out. USA goes to Gold Cup Finals!

Well, all the blame goes to Mexico's coach for bringing in all rookies to this Gold Cup team selection. I just have one question: Where are all the Great Players from Mexico? Giovani Dos Santos and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez and Rafa and others? Where? 

The coach from Mexico has gotten lots of heat for such poor decision making when it came to choosing players. I heard he might even get fired for costing Mexico this championship. Please please don't let this be Mexico's selection team for the World Cup next year. Get rid of this coach now or else Mexico is toast! 

Sure, USA has Donovan now which is the equivalent of Chicharito for Mexico, so no surprise they got all the way. Last Championship "Chicharito" and the others played and surprise surprise, Mexico won the Gold Cup championship vs USA 4-2 making them six time champions. The same could've been this year but oh well. I guess you can't win them all... Just a record six times will have to do... For now. :) #Bragging

Im just saying, should've been a fair team as this one left so much to be desired. Good Luck USA! Now with Mexico out of the way, I'm pretty sure you've got this... Unless Panama is feeling lucky? :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas