Marina: Happy 16 Months

Well my Litto One has turned one year and four months now and she is getting more adorable every-single-day. She has started saying mama but with a pronounced h in the middle, as in "mah-ma". I'm sure she's just practicing her sounds but its funny how she says it. My other girls didn't say it like that. They were the more old school 'mama' kind of kids. 
I just love those little unexpected mini photoshoots with Marina. She is getting quite good at posing for me now that we end up laughing so hard at all our faces. 
One thing I can say for sure is she is such  a tech geek! I can't believe how small she stated slide opening my iPhone and opening apps like its nothing. By now she is a mini geek capable of openings Facebook and poking and messaging a friend as she's getting her diaper changed. This girl wastes no time. I'm actually pretty amazed at her early talents. I can't say my other girls did that, the phones of today were at their infancy. 
Yes my baby girl is growing up fast physically and mentally. With so much technology around her I can only imagine how quickly she's going to know the things I know now. For sure for now I can say I'm smarter than a one year old... At least for now. :)

Keep on growing baby girl. Keep on!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas