Let The Travel Continue

We are halfway through our Summer travel. First usually we visit my family and then we visit his family. We come from two different states and that calls for a whole lot of travel during the Summer and Holidays. At the end of it all, it's all exhausting but so much fun because we come from two very different cultures.

Last year it was quite difficult due to a newborn but this year she is more than ready and loving it. She is making the grand tour visiting family all over the place. Marina feels like a super star and is enjoying herself. Everyone has been so welcoming and spoiling her, she's been loving all the attention. I'm afraid she may never be her old self again. And its not over, since she's going to her other grandma's she is about to get a whole lot mote spoiling there, which is just fine by her.

GREAT things have happened at this trip for example, Sophia washer her first set of dishes and I got the most awesome retro boom box that my mother had saved for 27 years or so. I remember it so well and if I'm not mistaken it was me who broke the Play button on it but shhh don't tell anyone.

On my last stop is San Antonio to visit my little sister. My mom and I like to get together and unite as frequent as we can here because we always have a lot of fun. They are wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Great and fun things have happened here too. I at a giant burrito and bacon covered shrimp.. Those two are bound to be bad for my diet in some way. We are food lovers in my family and nothing says Good Times quite like at meal time. Also this happened... Thank you Instagram Video for making this possible. I love my Family time!!! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas